Things Are Becoming “Illuminated” On Teen Wolf

Photo courtesy of MTV
Photo courtesy of MTV

Beacon Hills is still in the dark after Barrow tried to take down Kira. Agent McCall is on the case trying to get as much info out of the kids as possible… Few things here, there is a total black out yet the police station has zero lights, yet their key swipe locks still work… later there are flood lights. One can assume that they have a generator which I do understand but I was sitting there scratching my head a bit. I digress. Agent McCall confiscates Kira’s phone and she’s not having any bit of that.

At Allison’s, her and her father finally manage to beat down the door and get to Isaac. When we last saw him he was surrounded by the 5 shadow men. He was in a weird comatose like state, his body ice cold. Argent begins slapping him so he would change with no luck. Finally he changed and came to explaining to Allison and argent that the five men just materialized out of nowhere.

Argent goes silent when they ask if he knows what they are and requests that they not tell anyone what just happened for 24 hours. He goes to his office and pulls out a box which contains a broken mask similar to the ones that the shadow men wear… What are you hiding Argent?

Back at school (yes school because why would Beacon Hills cancel school during a black out?!) Ethan and Aiden are working on making nice with their peers to get back in Scott’s good graces. Danny was throwing a major Halloween bash and it has unfortunately been canceled due to the black out. Ethan offers to help and Danny declines. Aiden scoffs at Ethan’s attempt to play nice but brings up the point that Scott likes nice people.

Stiles realizes that he has an extra key on his key ring and he can’t for the life of him remember how it got there. I personally have several keys like this so I don’t find it that odd, but hey if it bothers him so be it. Kira is avoiding Scott at all costs because she feels like a freak. Little does she know that she is courting a werewolf, but more on that later. Scott eventually finds her eating lunch alone in an empty hallway and she confesses that something’s been up with her. Lately whenever she takes a picture she has this golden glow around her. It’s why she needs her phone back. Barrow took pictures of her. He knew about her glow. Scott being the gentleman he is offers to get it back for her.

Lydia is high on life after helping save Kira. She now knows how great it feels to do some good is this world. When Aiden tries to win her affections she explains that she can’t be with a bad guy. He killed Boyd without batting an eyelash and that just doesn’t sit well with her. Oh and by the way her mother is the new Biology teacher since ya know, Mr. Harris was a sacrifice last year… Aiden swears he’ll do good, and then offers to help Danny with a no local for his black party. Nothing like a good rave circa 1990 to win back the girl you fancy.

Stiles agrees to help Scott and Kira delete the pictures from her phone. He is under the impression that girl is a kinky freak and keeps nudes on her phone. Luckily for him he copied all the key cards for the station so they would be able to sneak in and out. Easy peasy. He stood watch outside in the truck while Kira and Scott went to retrieve her phone. Of course it’s dead and it’s a black out on top of that (remember what I said about the police station earlier? Why can’t they just plug it in). They see a laptop on the desk and luck have it there is an exact charger cord for her phone in the drawer.

Unfortunately for them Agent McCall arrives back at the office. Stiles quickly jumps from his car and attempts to stall him. His first attempts are clunky and hella awkward, not to mention not really working. As a final attempt he lets Agent McCall know that he knows exactly why he is there. Agent McCall knows that Sheriff Stilinski knows something he shouldn’t, but guess what, Stiles knows too. This shuts him up and buys enough time for Kira to delete the photos and get out of there.

To celebrate they all decide to head to the black light party, which is being held at Derek’s loft since he is conveniently out of town. Here is where I am confused though…. I will admit that I constantly mix up Ethan and Aiden. The only way I can tell them apart is based on their love interests, so here is where things get murky.

Aiden found the loft for Danny to host the party, I get that, but I assumed it was Ethan talking to him and who ripped his shirt off to get that hot bod painted. However, I quickly learned that maybe I was wrong. And maybe Aiden is Bi… But I’m digressing again. The party is in full swing and there are drunk neon clad teenagers raging like their lives depended on it.

Allison and Isaac show up and of course are just reeking of sexual tension. They really just need to do it already. I can’t handle this anymore. Scott’s moved on so you can too Allison. Aiden goes to get ice since he’s the co-host with the most. Unfortunately for him the shadow men get him and he goes down.

Scott, Stiles, and Kira show up and Kira isn’t really feeling the party scene. She is still shy because she’s new, not to mention she’s not sure how the black light is going to affect that glow thing she’s go going on. It seems the only one having a good time is Stiles, who gets a peck on the cheek upon entering the joint. He’s sold and decides to stay at the party.

Lydia is standing on the outskirts and is approached by Ethan (but why would Ethan being trying to win her over… Shouldn’t it be Aiden?! But he’s comatose?! See how confusing is this) who is boasting about the awesome party that is going down. Lydia is having none of this, how is a throwing a party making amends for killing someone? Oh right it’s not. It’s not long before she feels something is up and starts to see movement in the shadows. She heads outside to escape them but they follow and Lydia is the next to fall.

Stiles is the only one really having a pretty great night. He finds the girl who gave him a peck, Caitlin (it may not be spelled this way but hey I’m biased), and remembers that her girlfriend had passed away last year. She is pretty buzzed and doing ok so she sticks her tongue down Stiles mouth. Go Stiles! She brings up how weird it is that he has phosphorous on his key. She explains it’s any substance that can glow, such as a chemical, or laundry detergent. Stiles starts putting the pieces together as has to run out apologizing many times over to his new lady love.

Scott loses Kira in the crowd while he is watching Allison and uses his wolf vision to find her. He can see the golden aura around her. Allison and Isaac get painted and take their frustration to the dance floor. They are about to kiss when Allison sees something behind his ear. They head to the bathroom to investigate and they find Aiden.

Ethan and Danny find Lydia on the balcony. Just like the others before her she was shivering and barely coherent. Derek arrives home and kicks everyone out of the loft. All that are left are the usual suspects. The shadow men appear and a battle erupts. They are after Ethan. Scott and Derek begin to fight but are unable to stop them. Ethan is marked by the five shadows and they quickly disappeared when the sun began to rise.

Argents 24 hour period of silence is over and Allison calls to fill him, unfortunately he is unable to answer because he is badly hurt. Stiles starts to put things together and realizes that the key that showed up on his key chain is to the chem lab closet. More importantly the code on the board that spelled out Kira? It’s in his handwriting. Maybe he hadn’t closed the gap…

Until next week my friends.