The Winter Soldier Indeed: Captain America Trailer Hit Us Right In The Feels

Photo courtesy of Marvel
Photo courtesy of Marvel

The Winter Soldier is coming to paraphrase a popular Game of Thrones quote.

Yes! In about two months time, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will hit the big screen. The second trailer, released in time for the Super Bowl, promises an epic movie. This trailer alone holds explosions, action sequences, awesome designs, and Robert Redford.

I still love that Robert freaking Redford is in this movie, guys. Can I just say that?

It doesn’t go super heavy into plot. It’s clear that at one point Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Captain America (Chris Evans) are going to go against SHIELD in some way. It’s also clear that the person being operated on from the first trailer is Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). It looks like Fury will team up with Falcon, the Captain, and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) to do…something.

It does look like it will be the political thriller superhero movie that directors Joe and Anthony Russo have promised. It also looks very grand as SHIELD and its issues seem to take the focus on the silver screen.

Also the Falcon suit? It looks freaking amazing, too. This whole movie looks freaking amazing.

Check out the trailer below. If you’re a huge Captain America fanboy or fangirl (like me), then be prepared to freak the hell out!

Bec Heim