The Rumours Are True: Point Break Is Getting A Remake

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

In 1991 a film came along that starred two of the biggest names in Hollywood at the time and quickly gained a cult following, a film about an undercover FBI Agent trying to infiltrate a gang of bank robbers. That film was Point Break.

News started circulating back in 2011 that Warner Bros. were toying with the idea of remaking the iconic film, and most people, myself included, brushed off the idea as nothing but an absurd rumour. Well, it seems that (sadly) it is no longer a rumour (although it is still absurd) and the two lead roles have even been cast.

Stepping in to fill the role of Patrick Swayze’s character, Bodhi, is Gerard Butler and we can expect to see little known Australian actor Luke Bracey take on Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Utah.

The new Point Break will follow along the same storyline as the original only with one glaring difference, there will be no surfing. This time, Johnny Utah will try and attach himself to a ring of criminals whose lives revolve around the world of International extreme sports.

I have to wonder how they plan to end the new film, when perhaps the most iconic moment of the original is the closing scene where Bodhi takes off to surf the “50-year Storm” and Johnny tosses his badge into the ocean. That moment is the film. That moment is the moment that suddenly everything makes sense. I just can’t fathom them ending it any other way. I guess they could show Bodhi BASE jumping off a cliff into the great unknown… But it just won’t be the same.

According to a press release by Luke Bracey’s management, principal photography is due to begin early this summer.

Sarah Goddard


  1. First they set out to remake Dirty Dancing, now Point Break. What is next? Roundhouse? Screw you, Hollywood. Swayze’s movies were done right the first time. We don’t need your sloppy seconds.

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