The Hair Blowing Back Voices Of Season Six Shine In The Premiere For The Voice

Photo courtesy of NBC
Photo courtesy of NBC

Welcome one and all to season six of The Voice!

With Adam up to two wins and Blake still holding onto his three win winning streak, it’s time for another coach to smash through the metaphorical glass ceiling of the Levine-Shelton dynamic.

Will Usher and Shakira have what it takes? Can they break the Shelton/Levine dominance?

It’s so nice to have them back by the way!

So without further ado…THIS. IS. THE. VOICE! (season six!)

Coaches Medley sung by the Coaches: I love how they sound together. I also love that they’re singing each other’s songs. Blake and Shakira still sound together. Seriously they have great chemistry. Can Usher release a cover of “Love Somebody”? This is so cool. I love how this is shot too. Shakira dancing and in flannel is too adorable.

“Wrecking Ball” sung by Christina Grimmie: She’s been a YouTube musician since she was fifteen. Now she has two million subscribers. Her partners are super sweet and supportive. She is excited since she is going to kick down the door. She’s been a fan since season one. She has a lovely voice very clean. Almost immediately Usher and Shakira hit their buttons followed by Adam’s. Her voice is very clean and crisp. I love her breath control. Hell yeah Blake you turn around! Adam plays the being here six season here. Shakira promises laser focus. Usher wants to help unlock the incredible potential and says that she was phenomenal. Blake says that this is about Christina and wants to help her figure it out. Christina says her mom inspires her the most.  She goes with TEAM ADAM!

Now for a Kia plug with Carson Daly!

“Bennie and the Jets” sung by T.J. Wilkins: T.J. wants to use the show to help his family. His father wasn’t around but his mother helped him. She made sure that her son was away from the gang life. T.J. doesn’t want to make fast money but get out. He wants to be successful to help his family. He’s going to college as a music major with vocal performance. Aww his dad is here! Wow he has a really pure voice. DAMN! Blake, Adam, and Usher around! He’s so cute and cuddly. I love his voice. Adam says Blake lives everywhere and loves his jacket. Usher says that he took the song to a place no one really suspected. He thinks that he has a powerful R&B record. Blake calls him “Teej” and says that they have little things and loves his full voice. Shakira thinks he should be adventuorous and go with Blake. He goes with TEAM USHER!

“Something More” sung by Kristen Merlin: She sings lots of genres of music and quit her day job after winning a music contest. She plays shows four to six times a week. She says that it was a shock to her mom when she came out. I’m going with Blake as her dream coach. She needs this opportunity. Adam immediately turns around. She has a need twang to her voice. Shakira turns around. There’s some vibrato to her voice. I think that would need to be trained a bit more. Still she’s very into it. Adam welcomes her to Team Adam. He loves her instincts and how she dipped in and out. Shakira uses the social media angle. Blake says her vibrato was too much for him to handle. Shakira uses Miranda Lambert, which has Blake going “Don’t use my wife.” She goes with TEAM SHAKIRA!

“Stay” sung by Tanner Linford: HOLY SHIT YOU LOOK TWELVE DUDE! He’s sixteen?! SERIOUSLY?! He started singing at his Mom’s request. He wanted to continue working on singing after that. After his beloved uncle, who was a musician, died he wanted to keep moving on. He wants to be judged on his voice and not on how tiny he is.  I can hear some things off with it. His breathing isn’t totally spot on it. I also think his pitch is a little off. I think its nerves. Awww everyone feels bad. I love Blake’s reaction: “WHAT?!” Adam congratulates him on his courage. Shakira thinks that he needs to work on the details here. Adam thinks he needs to live the song and put the emotion into it. He looks so little. Usher tells him that he needs to compliment his talent since he is at a weird age vocally. NO TEAM

“Change Is Gonna Come” sung by Biff Gore: He’s a father, a pastor, and helps with organ donation organization. Biff made the tough decision to come here with his wife days away from birth of their sixth child. His brother comes with him who is his hero. His brother came back with “Gulf War Syndrome.” He also has rewarding work in helping with his organ transplant work. His wife and kids wish him well in the most adorable way possible. OHMYGOD! He has amazing soul. Adam hits his button immediately. Blake follows soon after. Shakira hits it a moment later. Usher FINALLY turns around! Holy shit. He’s amazing. He turns down a date with Shakira. Usher likes his personal spins and individuality. Adam loved his high kick and wants to be apart of it. Blake said he took him to Church and needs spiritual guidance. ABS! USHER’S ABS! HOLY SHIT! “I got a keg man” You’re funny, Biff. He goes with TEAM USHER!

“I’ve Just Seen A Face” sung by Dawn and Hawkes: Awww. They’re such an adorable couple. They met each other in a bar and she went on tour with him. They write a song about everything. They are so sweet. I want them on the show. I LOVE THIS SONG! Shakira and Adam immediately turn around. They have this great vocal chemistry and balance well. I love how mellow they are. They are so amazing together. I am so in love with them. Shakira says their relationship was apparent. Adam says based on his personal taste this was his favorite performance on the show period. Usher says he has never heard be so passionate. Shakira thinks it has been one of the most special performances on the show. She would love to work with people like them and was captivated by their love. Now they got to TEAM ADAM!

“Blurred Lines” sung by Leo Gallo: Oh dear. You’re going to focus more on dancing then performing aren’t you Leo? His mom put him in dance lessons and was apart of Youth Asylum. It didn’t go far and went back to school to become a perfessional dancer. NO! Don’t do that song! He’s adding too many vocal flourishes and his breathing is off. His falsetto needs work too. Adam compliments his outfit and could tell he was slightly winded. Blake is “Shufflin’ Shelton.” WOW! He is a good dancer. Go to So You Think You Can Dance. NO TEAM

“Bad Company” sung by Jeremy Briggs: He got his first guitar at age twelve. He also played baseball. He did one year of coaching after college and made a change. He works a desk job and is the frontman of a classic rock band. He has a really solid voice here. Blake turns around. Of course he does. Shakira throws her hat into the ring. He has a clean voice but there is also a good edge to it. I love Blake: “Hello my fellow plaid wearing friend!” He loves the last note and thinks his smooth power was great. He warns him not to look at the lovely Shakira. She uses her rock chick background and is hungry for success. Usher is happy he’s here because he heard a lot of good things in the performance. He goes to TEAM SHAKIRA! Shakira does do some dorky dancing for us all because she is adorable.

“Don’t Close Your Eyes” sung by Jake Worthington: I REMEMBER HIM! He was very nervous and ran out of breath a lot. He decided on a slower song to show he worked on his breathing. We also learn he broke his back. WOW! He has improved a lot. It works! Adam turns around immediately followed by Blake. Blake is thrilled that he came back. He has a great deep voice and sings very smoothly. Then Shakira turns around. I hope he goes on Team Blake. I think it would be a good pairing. Blake loves it when people come back. Jake tries to flirt with Shakira. Adam tells him not to let lust blind him. Blake advertises the real rootsy, country singer. He goes to his natural habitat: TEAM BLAKE! 

“Beneath Your Beautiful” sung by Karina Mia: She discovered her love of singing after violin lessons and learning to sing. She went to music college and on the road with friends. She has a day job but doesn’t want to do both. She has indie artist voice and sense. She’s already having breath problems. I don’t know if this is the best choice for her. Yeah the breathiness is not good. Blake loved her middle range and was her biggest cheerleader. Ultimately though she still needed to work on some things before getting chosen. NO TEAM

“Steamroller Blues” sung by Bria Kelly: Last of the night, so she’s probably going to be the best. She’s a seventeen-year-old blues singer who was offered to open for Miranda Lambert. She gives all the love in the world to her father, who helps her with songs and manages her band. I love her dad. Her Mom taught her how to sing. Her mom was sick really badly last year but has made a recovery. OHMYGOD! Blake and Adam immediately turn around. She has this power to her voice, which is just awesome. Shakira turns. And the rasp! The rasp is perfection. THANK YOU USHER FOR TURNING! She utterly nails that. Holy crap she was awesome. She was just awesome. APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE DAMMIT! Usher immediately declares her “the voice” and wants to start talking about her performance. Adam cannot believe her voice. Usher tells her that destiny has brought them together. Blake calls her a “stud” and loves her presence. Shakira is reminded herself at that age. Blake promises to buy her record no matter he decision. Usher wants to help her in all things and breaks out his Grammy to show her hard work, determination, and the right choice leads places. She goes to TEAM USHER!

So far, I think that Usher has the strongest team. Damn that man is suave. So far though I think that we have a good season going in.

Check back tomorrow for the Tuesday Voice-cap written by the lovely Emmy Rivera! I’ll see you Voice fanatics next Monday!


Bec Heim