The Coaches Play Musical Chairs On The Second Night Of The Voice Season Six

Photo courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr
Photo courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr

Hello lovely people!

Unfortunately, the Tuesday night Voice recapper, Emmy, could not do the recap this week due to technical difficulties. So I’ll be taking over for today!

Now last we saw on Monday Usher had three members on his team, Adam and Shakira had two each, and Blake only had one.

Will the second night of the premiere go just as well as the first? Let’s find out!

Side note: I really like Usher’s hat.

“A Song For You” sung by Delvin Choice: I remember this guy! He’s a Starbucks barista trying to make good. He sounded pretty good last season but needed a better song. I love how much everyone is excited for people to come back. His parents are really sweet, but bummer he had to move back home. I’m also weirdly fascinated by Delvin’s hair. Wow. He has this great rasp and deep clarity to his voice. Adam, Blake, and Shakira all immediately hit their buttons. Usher adorably mouths the words. I love how much pain and cleanness there is to his voice. He is a very raw singer. LAST MINUTE USHER TURNS AROUND! I love how Blake remembers all the artists. Adam did not even recognize his voice and that’s how much he improved. Blake said that his control was blown away and is fascinated by his hair. Shakira swears to take him to the top. Adam starts mimicking Shakira’s accent. Usher calls Shakira a liar and Adam and Shakira get all in his grill. Usher said the song was a very personal song to him and promises to be honest with him. He goes with his “first” coach on TEAM ADAM! 

“Titanium” sung by Madelyn Paige: She loves making short films. Her mom is uber supportive of her daughter and entered her in a singing competition. She is a bit nervous and excited to meet the coaches and believes it is her time. Her family is adorable backstage. She sounds a bit nervous in the beginning but I like the version she chose to sing. Usher mouthing the words is adorable AND HE HITS THAT BUTTON FIRST DAMN RIGHT USHER! Shakira also hits the button. She has a very clean voice and rather pure. I still think she looks a bit nervous but she has a lovely voice. Usher loved the different dynamics to her voice. Shakira thinks she is so cute with a beautiful yet powerful voice. She wants to share with a younger female artist her life experience. I love that Usher refuses to name the Biebs. Adam is feeling sassy tonight: “Girl you better spike back.” Madelyn goes with TEAM USHER! 

“Me and Mrs. Jones” sung by Noah Lis: Oh damn! That’s a hard one. He wants to bring back the old jazz and pop standards with a new take. He also started his own business at ninth grade. He’s been singing at events for eleven years. His mom thinks he has an old soul. Noah’s grandfather was his biggest influence. When Noah started tearing up, I started to tear up a little bit. I really like this guy. I hope he gets on. Blake starts mouthing the words to the song. Noah has a very smooth voice that has excellent control. Damn son that’s baby-making music. He has a sexy, classic voice. TURN AROUND SOMEONE! SOMEONE TURN AROUND! YES! Last minute Adam and Blake turn around! YOU ARE SUCH TEASES! Blake loves that he chose the song. Blake gives Noah a high five. Blake says to be a crooner you need to not give a crap and name-drops Michael Buble. Adam says that he needs someone who will focus on him and help him refine his talent. Blake says he needs to rough it up just a touch. Noah goes with TEAM BLAKE! 

“Somewhere Only We Know” sung by Keith Shuske: WOW! I love his mustache and the nose ring with the bow tie/suspenders. He’s an indie rock secular musician. He has a really adorable family and works a real job at a hospital drawing blood. He wants to get into music. His kids are adorable and this is his biggest opportunity. He’s adding too many operatic flourishes and he tends to draw off to soon. I think his voice needs to be a bit stronger and pitch needs work. Yeah. I can’t really…justify anyone choosing him because of the strange choices he made. Adam is adorable “MUSTACHE.” He says that he has an interesting voice and loves his fashion. Shakira asks him to do acapella. Usher makes him promise to come back. Shakira makes him promise to grow the mustache. NO TEAM

“True Colors” sung by Deja Hall: She was a military brat and moved around a lot. Her only consistent thing in her life was music. After having a kidney removed as an infant, she played basketball and ran track. She wants a coach to turn around for her dreams to come true. WOW! OhmyGod it’s Amber Riley’s little sister! She sounds amazing with great breath and very clean voice. Blake and Shakira turn around at once. I like that she’s not going with power, but just showing her voice. Her voice is absolutely lovely. Usher joins the fray as well. Everyone is in awe that she’s sixteen. Shakira looks surprised when she hits a button for someone she loves. She tells Deja that she is sweet. Blake brings up Danielle Bradbery. Shakira promises a huge involvement. Blake offers to adopt her. Usher said he wants to teach her how to breath and give her confidence. Shakira tells them not to get finicky. Deja chooses TEAM SHAKIRA! Yay! Shakira gets her young female artist.

“Better Dig Two” sung by Cary Laine: Her son is so adorable. She got married at eighteen and has to balance mom and rocker. They recently moved to small town to Wyoming. Her best buddy is her son, who is adorable. She has problems getting gigs in a small town Wyoming. I love her boots. She sounds good. Adam immediately hits the button followed by Shakira and Blake. This song has an awesome beat and she weaves her voice into it. Usher is contemplating it and turns around. Damn she’s an asskicker! Her son backstage: “Is this real? OhmyGod.” He’s adorable. Adam escorts her to his chair to be comfortable and she does the Usher leg. Cary plays musical chairs with everyone. I think this is my favorite winning over of someone ever. Usher tries to use the power of sexy to win her over. Poor Usher he knows he’s the lost the battle. Blake starts to use his best winners and his connections in Nashville to win her over. Adam calls Blake old pretty much for being stuck in his ways. Wow! She surprises everyone and goes with TEAM ADAM!

I’ll be back next Monday more Voice goodness!


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