TFIOS Director Eyeing Stephen King’s The Stand

Photo courtesy of Collider
Photo courtesy of Collider


Newcomer Josh Boone is setting his sights on directing the long-awaited adaptation of horror master Stephen King’s epic The Stand. Warner Brothers and CBS Films are releasing the feature, which has seen various changes in the directors chair. Oscar winner Ben Affleck was on board to direct as well as David Yates of the Harry Potter franchise. Late last year, Scott Cooper was on board to write and direct but left the project over creative differences. Producers Jimmy Miller and Roy Lee have stuck with the project since its announcement.

The Stand is a tale of good versus evil, after a deadly virus kills most the American population, a group of survivors must fight against the Antichrist-like figure Randall Flagg. The novel takes place over several years, has many overlapping story-lines, and includes several memorable characters like Mother Abigail and Trashcan Man.

Boone, who is quickly becoming a sensation with indie hits like his debut feature Stuck in Love, is putting the final touching on the New York Times best selling adaptation to John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. The YA mega-hit, which is set for theatrical release June 6th, has paired Boone with writers Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Webber. The duo also wrote the screenplays for the indie hits, (500) Days of Summer and The Spectacular Now.

Boone holds a connection with Stephen King, back when the director was 12 and the author’s books were banned from his household. Boone recalls having to tear off the covers of Christian books and tape them on the outside for King’s novels to get away with reading them. Boone’s copy of The Stand was discovered under his bed by his mother and burned in the fireplace. Still at age 12, Boone wrote King a moving letter which the author replied to, sending Boone a box full of his books, a letter was found written on the inside cover of each. The act from both author and son, moved Boone’s parents to lift the literary ban.

Boone and King have since  kept a relationship. King made an appearance in Boone’s feature, Stuck in Love and has recently given Boone permission to adapt Lisey’s Story. The choosing of Boone to direct The Stand couldn’t be more appropriate. My fiance and I had the unique opportunity last year to view Stuck in Love at a film festival, ahead of it’s theatrical release. Boone was on hand after to do a Q&A session, where he told the story about his parents ban on King novels, how much he enjoys the authors work, and how influential King has been. Boone is a genuine writer/director who is quickly becoming a household name and who I feel will be someone to keep an eye on as the year progresses.

For those who haven’t read any of King’s work, I recommend Salem’s Lot. It’s a classic vampire story that is uniquely frightening and guaranteed to hold your attention. Just do yourself a favor and read it during the day. No joke.

What do you think about Boone directing The Stand? Should the adaptation be the original cut or the author’s extended cut? Tell us what you think in the comments.