Take A Trip To The “Beach House” On This Week’s Episode Of Girls

Photo courtesy of HBO
Photo courtesy of HBO


This week the girls head to the North Shore for a getaway and things don’t turn out the way Marnie planned leaving her perfectionist panties in a bunch. Shosh finally speaks up and for once Jessa is the voice of reason.

In hopes of getting her life back together Marnie invites the girls to the North Fork for a girl’s trip. She goes as far as assigning rooms and planning a dinner menu straight out of the Art of French Cooking. Let it be known the North Fork is not the Hamptons. The North Shore is just way more high brow.

Marnie has a rigid itinerary for their weekend complete with some healing to happen over dinner. This is to be followed by some facemasks and movie watching, ending with writing their wishes on paper and throwing them into a bonfire. Oh Marnie. The activities start off fine but all hell breaks loose when they ride into town for groceries. Hannah decides to travel in her bikini and is not allowed into the store. That’s when she hears some snide remarks being made about herself.

Low and behold it’s Elijah and his fabulous friends. Hannah quickly invites them over to party and to mend bad blood with Elijah. Marnie is less than pleased but allows it to happen, they just have to be gone by dinner. In a way it was beneficial because Marnie opens up to Elijah about how Charlie up and left her. He promised her marriage then came home and told her he never loved her, leaving her alone and rejected. To top it off Elijah questions why she’s hanging out with ‘old man’ Ray.

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The extra guests end up staying for dinner and Marnie is fuming. After one too many cocktails and a choreographed dance number (amazing by the way, but I mean who doesn’t love a random dance number?!) it seems that Marnie’s edges have been smoothed over. Umm, think again. She’s quick to call Hannah out on being a few seconds behind in the dance number and suggests they rerun it so that it’s perfect.

Well here comes honesty hour and it’s never pretty when alcohol is involved. After Marnie rips into Hannah about not being good enough, Shosh chimes in and boy does she spit some venom. She calls Hannah out on being the biggest narcissist anyone has ever met, so bad that she rather sit in her vomit then listen to her.

Next up is Marnie, her dinner sucked and she needs to take a giant fucking chill pill. Marnie takes offense and labels Shosh as crazy and Jessa comments that maybe Shosh is the only sane one there. She brings up the point that everyone always talks around her and not to her, like she’s some inanimate object or better yet a cab driver.

She then digs the knife in deeper and says that she’s sick of having whiny nothings as friends. Hannah agrees that Shosh may have a point and brings up the fact that they had not done one fun thing together in over 2 years (yup I know I’ve been watching… Where is the friendship from season 1!?). Marnie answers the question by stating if they had just followed her plan then they would have had fun. DING DING DING!! Jessa asks her to listen to what she just said and know that happiness is about appreciating what you have.

This doesn’t sit well with Shosh who rounds on Jessa now. She’s sick of hearing all the bullshit spewing from her mouth since she went to rehab. Hannah interjects that Shosh is the least intellectual person she’s ever spoken to (this is the girl who could talk your ear off about her bandana collection, mind you). Jessa swoops in again to her defense and let’s everyone know that Shosh reads the newspaper (even if it’s on her phone).

Hannah amends her comment and goes with unstimulating and that makes Shosh even crazier, they’re not in a Jane Austen novel. She then ups the ante and calls Hannah out on being mentally ill and miserable. Marnie steps in, almost like she was going to come to Hannah’s defense and Shosh sticks her fangs in to her pointing out that she’s tortured with self-doubt and fear. Marnie blames the break-up and Hannah points out that maybe if she wasn’t always pointing out the issues she had with Hannah then they would know what’s going on in her (Marnie’s) life.

Then the conversation is back on Hannah. She’s always claiming to change and Marnie gets on board but then nothing ever comes from it. The final straw is when Hannah tells her to lower her expectations and Marnie remarks, “I can’t lower them any more.” I need to get a sweater that was so cold.

The girls all go to bed angry and it seems that this may be the end. Jessa is the first to awake and she heads downstairs and starts to clean up. As each girl wakes up they all begin to pitch in and finish cleaning in silence. As they sit and wait for the bus it looks like no one is going to step up and being the bigger (wo)man and say something. Hannah begins to bust out the moves from the previous night and Jessa follows suit. Slowly Marnie joins in, followed by Shosh. Maybe hope isn’t lost.

Side note, Elijah’s new boyfriend Pal (I think?) is a douche. Granted E is no picnic himself but he at least has some shred of decency. Following the girls lead he decides to open up to Pal and admits he sometimes feels ridiculed by him and just wants to feel comfortable 100% of the time when he’s around him, because he loves him. Pal does not return the sentiment so to smooth things over Elijah uses sex…

This episode gives me hope that the show can return to the light-hearted days of season 1. I actually laughed out loud for the majority of it. Not to mention I once again could relate to the girls as they aired their grievances.