Susan Sarandon Returning To Mike And Molly

Photo courtesy of CBS
Photo courtesy of CBS

Susan Sarandon is set to return to Mike & Molly for another episode later this season, according to TV Guide.

Sarandon appeared in episode four of this season as Molly’s (Melissa McCarthy) idol, author J.C. Small. Molly tracks J.C. down to ask for her opinion on the book she’s writing. J.C. gives an honest and harsh critique of the book and then ends up drunkenly flirting with and eventually kissing Molly, which causes Molly to run out of the house.

In Sarandon’s return, Molly will have to come to J.C.’s rescue after she is arrested by Mike (Billy Gardell). I really enjoyed Sarandon’s character, but I’m a little nervous because of the whole kissing Molly thing. It looked almost like they were going the predatory lesbian route, which is a stereotype I think we could do without. I remain optimistic though, and won’t pass judgment until I see the episode.

Sarandon and McCarthy star together in the upcoming film, Tammy. McCarthy plays Tammy, a fast food employee who, on the same day she gets fired, finds out her husband has been cheating on her. Tammy takes an impromptu road trip with her grandmother, played by Sarandon. After seeing them interact on Mike & Molly, I’m actually interested in seeing Tammy, Sarandon and McCarthy seem to work really well together.



Mike & Molly airs Monday’s at 9:00 on CBS.