Supernatural: All You Need Is Your Salt, Burn, and Love

Photo courtesy of The CW
Photo courtesy of The CW


Supernatural is one of those shows that I can honestly say that I have watched in real time from the very first episode. I still remember the anticipation of it, and when the announcement came on the screen…for maximum viewing pleasure, turn out the lights. I remember reaching over, flipping the switch on the lamp, and speeding off into the darkness with the Winchester boys and the Impala on what has now been 9 seasons worth of magical, mystical, morbid, and monstrous mayhem.

Nine seasons later, and my love for the Winchesters is still there. A little bit worse for wear from all the trauma, but my ever-beating heart still holds Sam and Dean near and dear. I have been and will always be a Sam girl. He’s my kindred spirit. He is always thinking about everyone else and trying to do the right thing, even if it means disregarding the whole “two wrongs don’t make a right” rule to get to the desired outcome. He’s a nerd in a tall, broody, tousled hair, flannel shirt wearing, beautiful package.

That’s not to say that I don’t love Dean because I do. He’s like the cool guy that was your brother’s best friend. The one that had danger written all over him but that you couldn’t stay away from even if you tried. He’s the one who always has the best comebacks and the snarky remarks that are super rude but he’s so cool that he makes them funny. The smooth-talking, charming as hell, fast car having, leather jacket wearing bad-ass.

There have been ups and downs, just like with any relationship, but in the end nothing could make me walk away from the boys. Not even seasons six and seven…

That’s saying something because they were pretty awful in comparison to all the rest.  That’s what you do when you love something or someone, you stick by them through the good times and the bad. You remember all the reasons why you began to love them in the first place and it makes the bad seem not so bad after all.

There are few shows that I could tell you the names of each and every episode and know what each one is about, but Supernatural falls onto that list. My favorite Sam episodes are still “Heart” and “Born Under a Bad Sign.” My favorite Dean episodes are still “Yellow Fever” and “Mystery Spot.” My favorite brothers episode, no matter how torturous it is for me to watch, is still “Swan Song.” 

To this day I still can’t hear “Carry On Wayward Son” without envisioning the montage in that episode, hearing Chuck’s voice narrating, seeing images of the boys playing in the Impala, legos in the dashboard, names being carved, toy soldiers stuck in the ashtray, and then tears start welling up in my eyes.

I can’t talk about my love for Sam and Dean Winchester without giving praise to the actors that portray them so beautifully. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles never cease to amaze me. There is never a moment when I don’t truly believe that they are brothers and that they love each other with every fiber of their beings. Jensen and Jared are simply flawless as the Winchesters and the love they have for the characters that they play shine through in each and every episode.

It upsets me that after nine seasons, Supernatural seems to be the show that the CW forgets about.

That’s okay, because the fandom hasn’t forgotten. We have been here in the backseat of the Impala watching the whole time, and we aren’t going anywhere. We were here from the beginning and we will be here until the very end. So buckle up and shut your cake hole, because the driver picks the music.


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