Gleeking Out Over Spoilers: Full List Of Songs From Glee’s “100” Revealed

Photo: Naya Rivera/instagram
Photo: Naya Rivera/instagram

Hello my lovely Gleeks!

Oh my we are certainly very close to Glee returning to us!

Not only is Glee returning with new episodes, but it also returns with a very important television milestone. Coming up soon is Glee’s 100th episode called simply “100.” Not only that, but in the celebration, the episode will feature some of the ten fan chosen songs from Glee’s musical past to be remixed and re-performed.

GleekOutBrasil has released the full song list. So naturally if you don’t want to see them all, then don’t go past this point.


“Raise Your Glass” sung by April Rhodes and Will Schuester
“Defying Gravity” sung by Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, and Mercedes Jones
“Valerie” sung by Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce
“Keep Holding On” sung by Noah Puckerman
“Toxic” sung by Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, and Brittany Pierce
“Happy” sung by Holly Holiday, Will Schuester, April Rhodes, Blaine Anderson, and Mercedes Jones

Interesting to see that a new cover is a mixed in with the remixed versions.

Keep an eye out for spoiler song list regarding the second part of the two part hundredth episode celebration!

Bec Heim