Schmidt Is (Kind Of) Coming To The Mindy Project! Who Is He Playing?

Photo courtesy of TV Rage
Photo courtesy of TV Rage

It’s only been a week and I already miss The Mindy Project more than you could ever imagine (well maybe the Gleeks have me beat).

Mindy won’t be back till April 1st but I come baring news that may help fill the void, or make it worse.

Our favorite (or maybe just mine) roommate from apartment 4D is making an appearance. That’s right Schmidt, well Max Greenfield, is slated to appear on the April 22nd episode airing right after his show New Girl.

Greenfield will be portraying Lee, an attractive player who is looking to cause trouble. Oh wait, so he’s just playing Schmidt with a different name!

Moving on… No word yet on who he will be romancing, because if you remember Mindy and Danny finally kissed but she was on her way home to patch things up with Cliff.

Girlfriend just doesn’t have time for anymore guys!

Mindy Kaling is one smart cookie not only does Greenfield come with a fanbase from New Girl, but he’ll be reprising his role as Deputy Leo in Veronica Mars this March. Hopefully ushering in a new batch of fans.

When speaking with E!News, Kaling went as far as teasing what’s to come when the series returns: “Right before the kiss, Mindy sent an email to Cliff to try to win him back, so our spring premiere will be dealing with the consequences of bad timing.”

The Mindy Project Returns to Fox on Tuesday April 1st at 9:30 ET/PT .