Sarah Michelle Gellar Posts Mini Scooby Gang Reunion Photo

Photo courtesy of RealSMG
Photo courtesy of RealSMG

Time for some flashbacks with one of our favourite TV shows from the past! Some of the stars from the much-loved and much-missed TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer were pictured together recently!

A picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar and her co-stars Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green was posted to Sarah’s Twitter account accompanied with the message, “I get the best visitors”. Although the series ended 11 years ago, I think I speak for all vampire-slaying fans when I say the picture got me very, very excited! Can we also note how good they all look?

Remembering how scared the show used to make me as a kid but still wanting to see Buffy kick ass got me pumped! However, we won’t be getting anything more than a picture as there are no plans to bring the show back. Gellar, who currently works on The Crazy Ones which airs on CBS , recently admitted she would be interested in getting out her old wooden stake and playing her former role once again however it is unlikely to happen.

Seth Green is also keeping busy as he voices Family Guy‘s Chris Griffin. Trachtenberg is currently working on the thriller film The Scribbler.

Would you like to see this supernatural sensation make a comeback? We sure would! (Still loving that intro song…)

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