“Riddle Me This” On This Week’s Teen Wolf

Photo Courtesy of MTV
Photo Courtesy of MTV

OH MY LANTA! Last night was super intense, not to mention a bit scary. Due to all that happened I’m going to try to cover just the major stuff.

Pack Mentality

The episode opens with Scott receiving a frantic phone call from Stiles. He’s trapped, cold, and has no idea where he is. There is also a smell that is making his eyes water. After a few dropped calls and after Stiles pleads with him not to tell his dad, Scott panics and gets Isaac. The two get dressed and take off to find him.

At school after hours Lydia is drawing Aiden like one of her French girls (well guys in this case) when she hears whispers. Aiden insists it was nothing as he is now naked as a jay bird but Lydia won’t let up. They head to Stiles’ house and are met by Isaac and Scott.

The search is on. Lydia tells Scott to forget what Stiles said and tell his father.  Scott and Isaac head to the station while Lydia and Aiden linger behind.  Scott, Isaac, and Sheriff Stilinski find his Jeep at the hospital, but there is no sign of Stiles. Derek joins them and catches his scent on the roof, but can tell it’s riddled with fear and anxiety. There was a definite struggle.

Back in Stiles room Lydia discovers when she plucks the strings she can hear the whispers again. They lead her straight to the mental hospital where Barrows was being held. But that almost seems to easy doesn’t it?

Either way Scott’s pack is in place and is on the hunt for Stiles.

Everyone has it, but no one can lose it

Stiles in on the floor of a dank basement with his foot caught in a bear trap. There is someone else there though. He slowly scans the room with the light on his cell phone and comes across someone writing on the wall with chalk. It’s the backwards 5.

A gust blows it away but a voice calls out of the darkness asking who are you, who are we? Stiles looks terrified. The voice gets closer and as it approaches you can see razor like teeth and a bandage covered face.

It continues prodding stiles with riddles. When is a door not a door? Why does the bear trap keep switching legs? Finally what does everyone have, but no one can lose it? When Stiles can’t answer someone or something begins to pull the chain…

Unlikely Hero

Lydia’s hunch turns out to be wrong. The gang is running out of time. The night is getting colder and there is still no sign of Stiles. Melissa McCall heads to the station to see if she can help and meets her ex-husband. She fills him in on what is going on and Agent McCall has a suggestion.

What if Stiles is still asleep? What if he had been asleep when he called Scott? This is all a bad sleepwalking episode. More importantly he thinks he knows where Stiles is. He and Melissa take off and find Stiles cold and half asleep.

I guess you win this one Agent McCall…

Putting the Pieces Together

Now that Stiles is safe Aiden reveals to Derek that he overheard Stiles and Scott’s conversation in the chem lab the other day. He suggests something that they all have been thinking… Could Stiles be the nogitsune?

Derek laughs, someone as scrawny and non-confrontational as Stiles? Why would an evil spirit pick a host like that when he could have a big burly man? He stops mid thought, the sparks from the jumper cables giving him and epiphany.

Only one person has the answers that he needs. Kira.

Fox Fire

As Kira’s power grows it’s getting harder to contain it. A light bulb goes out in her room and when she touched it she shattered it. Her mother walks in and becomes defensive. She replaces the bulb, but there is a bit of a spark when she does it as well.

Derek tracks down Kira at school who is feeling shunned by Scott. Derek reassures her not to worry, he’s just really shaken up about Stiles. More importantly he needs her to tell her everything that went down the night she was taken by Barrows.

At the substation they find Stiles bat stuck to a wall of lockers. It seems that it had been magnetized. Derek asks Kira how much she knows about fox fire? Apparently Barrow used the fox fire and magnetized bat to jump start nogitsune in Stiles.

Kira is crushed. How is she going to tell Scott that is was her power that beaconed an evil spirit to set up camp in his best frined? Derek agrees that she shouldn’t be the one to tell him and offers to break the news.

Brotherly Love (Get your tissues ready)

At the hospital Melissa corners Sherif Stilinski and lets him in on what she discovered the last time he was admitted. It seems that he had been keeping a running tally of all of Stiles symptoms as well. They agree it may be time to run some tests.

As Stiles awaits his MRI he opens up to Scott about what killed his mother, Frontotemporal dementia. Areas of the brain begin to shrink much like with Alzheimer’s, however it can affect teenagers and there is no cure. As in it’s fatal. Scott vows to stay by his side and will do anything he can to make it better (hint: I think there might be a bite of somesort involved).

The two embrace and the feels take over and I’m sobbing. Teen Wolf is probably the only other show after Supernatural that can take you from scared shitless to a blubbering blob in 10 minutes.


While Stiles is getting his MRI, Derek sits Scott down to fill him. He leads with why he left for a bit. He admits that he had to talk to his mother to help him find some answers. Some of which changed his perspective. She told him that the Hales were in Beacon Hills to protect it from harm.

He then launches in to the whole Stiles is the nogitsune theory. Scott doesn’t fight it and actually puts it together that Stiles was fighting with himself on the roof of the hospital. He was trying to protect them from something…


Ever since she was wrong about Stiles, Lydia has been denying that she is hearing things and becoming a recluse. Not to mention she is in fact hearing a whole bunch, from ringing to thumping, she can’t make it stop.

Also missing is Allison. Scott sends Isaac to look for her and come to find out she’s been home this whole time sleeping, unaware of everything that’s been unfolding. She’s doesn’t get why Isaac claims that he has been messaging her. She’s gotten nothing.

Come to find out her phone was shut off. When she boots it back up she sees a string of messages from everyone as well as several weird voicemails all in Japanese. They take the phone in to Mr. Yukimura who informs them it was a fake recording of prison camp instructions circa WWII. The plot thickens.

Who are We

While Stiles is getting his MRI his creepy tormentor is back with the same riddle. Except there is a catch. If Stiles can answer it, they will spare his friends and family. But if he can’t, they will die too. Everyone will die regardless. Stiles tries to fight it and slowly the demon begins to unwrap the bandages. As the last one falls Stiles turns to face himself. He is the nogitsune.

At the same time the doctor determines that parts of Stiles brain have started to atrophy. He does have Frontotemporal dementia. Sherif Stilinski is wracked with grief.

Stiles comes to in the MRI machine the same moment that Scott and Derek find a stash of tools on the roof. It’s apparent that the Stiles that just woke up is not the Stiles we know and love. One of the wires to a transformer has been frayed and it explodes knocking out power to the hospital. During the chaos Stiles escapes and begins to roam the halls.

He sees Mrs. Yukimura who is flanked by 2 oni. Come to find out they work for her and she’s not going to let this nogitsune get in the way. It doesn’t matter to her that it found a home in an innocent boy, she will destroy it.

One of the wires snaps and comes crashing down from the roof and is heading straight toward Kira….