Relive Your Childhood: Real Life 70mph Little Tikes Car Hits The Road

GIF courtesy of Gizmodo/BBC

Calling all big, grown, responsible adults that are truly kids at heart!

Remember the iconic Little Tikes Car and playing in them with dreams of driving a real car? I know I did; I would always hog the one at my preschool as if it were mine.

You don’t need to reminisce any longer though, because John Bitmead created a real life version of the Little Tikes Car. With almost $7,000 and over 1,000 hours invested into building the impressive vehicle, the Little Tikes Car can actually drive up to 70 miles per hour. Isn’t that crazy?

Photo courtesy of BBC

The real life Little Tikes Car looks exactly like the kid’s toy version, except bigger. This means there are no windshields or windows, but you could drive it around as if it were a legitimate car (see the license plate?). Not sure if the design of the car entirely abides by the law, due to the lack of safety features, but I would love for an opportunity to relive my childhood like this!

Watch Bitmead and BBC take a fun ride of this baby: