Postman Pat The Movie Brings Hogwarts To Greendale

Photo: The Mirror
Photo: The Mirror

For children of the 80’s say the words “Postman Pat” we will automatically start singing the iconic and memorable theme music.  This cartoon postman, whose partner is the black and white cat Jess, has remained an integral part of British, and apparently Australian, childhood for over 30 years now.

Just in case this means nothing to you, or you just fancy a trip down memory lane, listen to the original theme tune.

This summer we can join Postman Pat (voiced by Stephen Mangan) and Jess on their first big screen adventure, and in the new movie Postman Pat: The Movie – You Know You’re The One shows Pat and Jess discover he has a hidden talent; singing.  As cute as this story sounds, however, there is another reason this movie will rock. The reason for the awesomeness of this movie is that, thanks to the voice talents of Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint, and David Tennant, who appears to be playing Pat’s new enemy, it appears that it is a case of when Hogwarts met Greendale.  That’s right Professor Slughorn, Ron Weasley and Barty Crouch Jnr are all part of this comic caper.  Add into the mix, robot postmen and robot cats which shoot lasers from their eyes it is definitely a movie that we will need to find spare children to take for the ride.

For me another reason that I will definitely be there opening weekend, is that Postman Pat discovers he has quite the singing talent and this is shown by the inclusion of Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating.

For those of us who remember spending many a happy time with Pat and the villagers of Greendale, or those who have absolutely NO clue who he is then this trailer is just what the Postman delivered.

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