Ooga Chaka: Marvel Is Holdin’ Onto That Feeling With Guardians Of The Galaxy Profiles And Poster

Photo courtesy of Marvel
Photo courtesy of Marvel

Everyone is mostly calm and together after the amazing trailer drop for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. We have all awoken feeling slightly hungover from the giddiness of the trailer and the ‘ooga chaka’ that will remain in our heads. Mainly though, the fact that this film seems like a mix of fun, adventure, space opera, superhero, and comedy.

Honestly? It’s definitely something welcomed in the world of dark, brooding superhero movies. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the fun.

Anyway, Marvel has decided to whip the internet into a greater frenzy today by releasing character profiles with snippets of interviews with the actors on YouTube.

First, let’s start with Peter Jason Quill a.k.a. “Star-Lord” played by Chris Pratt.

Everyone, well those who have seen footage, has been praising Pratt’s performance of Peter Quill to high heaven. In the trailer, he did come off as a lovable and charming scoundrel. As the only un-enhanced human on the team, Quill will make an interesting character. I love that Pratt describes him as a mix of “charm and cunning.” The cunning bit may come as a surprise in the movie since he just seemed to bit of a joker. I, however, think that this role so far seems to have been tailored made for Pratt.

Next up is Gamora played by Zoe Saldana.

Can we just call Zoe Saldana the Queen of the Universe now? Between this, Star Trek, and Avatar she seems to have the universe pretty much covered. Now Gamora is known as “the Deadliest Woman in the Universe” with only a dozen known deaths attributed to her. Something that you would probably want in a assassin. I do like badass women with a heart of gold though. There is a moment where Gamora seems particularly vulnerable and soulful and naked in just a look.

Now it’s Drax The Destroyer’s – played by Dave Batista – turn.

I’m really happy for Batista. After getting all emotional over the part at Comic-Con, I’ve been rooting for the guy. He just seems so dedicated and happy to be there. Plus Drax, from what I know of the comics and in the trailer, has a compelling backstory of avenging what he has lost (wife and family). Add that in with, hopefully, finding his own family in a rag-tag group of misfits, Drax could be a sleeper hit with fans. Plus he adds some seriousness to the, so far, lighthearted tone we have seen. With Batista feeling that the character is “his” makes me very hopeful because the best portrayals come from an actor utterly owning the character.

Okay we’ve all been waiting for this. It’s Rocket Raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper.

This is a perpetually pissed off, genetically engineered, cyborg raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper doing his best Joe Pesci.

I got nothing to say to this. There’s a reason this character has already won over the internet without a single world spoken in the trailer.

Gif courtesy of Tumblr

It is at times such as these that I am so glad to be alive.

Finally, we finish up with Groot voiced by Vin Diesel.

With Vin Diesel standing next to that bust of Groot, I’m really surprised how much they look alike. I mean I know Groot was probably drawn around Vin Diesel’s features or something…but still. Anyway, I love Groot’s adorable head-tilt. Plus this role doesn’t require a lot of speaking on Diesel’s part much like my favorite role of his as The Iron Giant in The Iron Giant. According to more knowledgeable people than myself, Groot usually just says “I am Groot.”

But Groot seems like a giant splintery ball of cuddles.

So we have an amazing line-up, great mini-featurettes, and possibly the best trailer Marvel has ever made.

I guess all I can say is thank you, Marvel. What do you have to say to that?

Photo courtesy of Marvel
Photo courtesy of Marvel

Oh you are some crafty, crafty people.

Guardians of the Galaxy is set to premiere on August 1st.

Bec Heim