No Shock As Stan Lee Announces Cameo In New Daredevil Series


In a shock to no one in particular, Stan Lee has confirmed that he will be making his usual cameo appearance in the  new Netflix based series, Daredevil.

While making an appearance at the Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans recently, Stan was asked if he would be making the appearance. He replied, “If I don’t, Daredevil won’t last very long.” As the crowd laughs, he continues, “No, of course I’ll have a cameo in Daredevil. In everything!”

The Generalissimo also joked around and said that his cameos are the real reason that the Marvel movies and television shows make so much money and that if not for him popping up in all of them, they would only make half as much.

The news of the new Daredevil series has had the comic book community abuzz since it was announced a few months ago. Netflix will be the home for the series, and so far, the original content on Netflix has been stellar. Since many, including myself, don’t feel like Daredevil got its due on the big screen, the hopes are that the series can redeem the character’s story and breath new life into it as well.

With Drew Goddard (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Agents of SHIELD, World War Z) at the helm, I’m fairly confident that he can pilot this ship exactly where it needs to go. Look for the series to begin sometime in 2015.


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