Newcastle Brown Ale Almost Made An Awesome Super Bowl Commercial With Anna Kendrick

In a clever departure from the big budget Super Bowl commercials, Newcastle Brown Ale recruited Anna Kendrick to partake in their “If We Made It” advertising campaign. The online commercial features the Pitch Perfect actress being quite an entertaining diva, ranting on about Newcastle canceling their Super Bowl commercial last minute due to lack of funds.

She muses over how audiences perceive her beauty (apparently, she’s not “beer-commercial hot,” but she loves a challenge), and what she’s missing in her repertoire (a nude scene and a very handsome paycheck for a beer she doesn’t drink). All this while she was getting her hair done.

What’s brilliant about this campaign is the fact that a smaller brand is able to profit from the Super Bowl hype, without actually committing to the hefty price tag of a Super Bowl commercial itself. This video is just a small part of the web series for Newcastle found on

The website features the proposed ad itself depicted in a storyboard animatic format, featuring every great cliché from robots, sharks, hyper-intelligent apes, to Anna Kendrick in nothing but body paint. In addition to the ad, there’s compilation footage of actual focus groups reacting very confusedly to the proposed ad, which is quite a treat in itself.

But not as much of a treat as our indie princess Anna declaring that “you can’t stuff indie cred down a male stripper’s g-string” in a very exasperated fashion.