New Lana Del Rey Track Emerges From “Behind Closed Doors”


Usually it’s really sad when an artists’ work leaks when they don’t want it to but I’m sorry, I can’t help but feel really excited right now – a new Lana Del Rey song has emerged online!

The song, titled ‘Behind Closed Doors’ appears to be a finished studio version of the song which appeared online at the end of last week and it sounds so good!

The sultry songstress’ trademark sound still exists in this new track to some degree, but Lana, real name Lizzie Grant, seems to be taking her sound in a new direction. It has a more upbeat and fresh pace that could totally make this song a summer jam if it were a single.

Previously, we reported on a fan-video uploaded which shows Lana being a sweetheart with her adoring fans and letting a possible release date for her upcoming album slip. Her last album, Born To Die, was received very well with the general public and will be followed by her next LP, Ultraviolence. May 1st was the date she announced to the small group of fans but laughed off the incident and followed up with, “I dunno”.

She did clarify in the video, however, that the date was merely a possibility as nothing was definite yet but that she is in love with her new work. If her new music is anything like ‘Behind Closed Doors’, I am set for a summer-jamming album! Check out the song in full below!


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