More Death, Destruction and Cunning Foxes in Teen Wolf’s “Letharia Vulpina”

Photo courtesy of MTV

This week on Teen Wolf we learned that nogitsune feed off of chaos, pain, and strife. Lydia has bionic hearing to match that deafening scream (is that an oxymoron?). Scott just doesn’t know when he is being played, and unlike the Maury Show, someone is the father.

It’s Electric!

That live wire is still thrashing about in front of the hospital and Kira just watches it cause mass destruction. An ambulance crashes opening up a fire hydrant and now we have an electrical charged puddle in front of the hospital and no one is safe. A few people lost their lives and not even Isaac was immune to the charge.

Kira finally jumps into action grabbing the wire and absorbing the power. Luckily everyone was too busy panicking to notice. But Mrs. Yukimora does and she is not pleased. With the threat of electrocution at bay, Derek and Scott rush to Isaac’s side. It’s no use as he’s badly hurt.

Letharia Vulpina

While chaos is brewing in Beacon Hills, Deaton has made his way into the Yukuza compound. The leader’s wolf has taken ill and Deaton is the best vet they could find. He fears that the wolf may have ingested a certain kind of moss and asks to see the garden. No one moves because of the superstition. Finally the leader leads him outside.

The garden looks familiar, especially the fountain covered in a neon green moss. Oh, excuse me, lichen. Come to find out the Yukuza leader is the son of the nogitsune that Argent first encountered. That bright green lichen is actually Letharia Vulpina, a particular species that is born of the blood of the nogitsune. Deaton explains this all as the Yukuza lies there paralyzied. His wolf is fine, but paralyzed as well. It was all part of Deaton’s plan. Why you ask? The Letharia Vulpina won’t kill the nogitsune but will poison it, maybe buying them enough time to save Stiles.

Where in the World is Stiles?

Stiles has been missing for 48 hours post-electrical mess. Sheriff Stilinski is a mess, Mrs. McCall is a mess, and even Agent McCall has let up. However, no one knows the first place to look for him. After practice one day Scott and the twins hear one of Argent’s emitters going off from the basement. It’s Stiles…

The twins pounce but Scott is quick to believe that it is the actual Stiles and he warns them that his alter ego has been up to no good. Like rerouting the cross country run to the part of the woods where all those nasty traps are. They set off to try to stop the run before anyone was hurt.

The runners are fine (we get a bonus Aiden/Danny make-out scene) and poor Coach takes an arrow to the gut. It looks like he’s going to make it though. However it looks like there is another bomb waiting to go off. But it’s not on a school bus this time.

Who Framed Derek Hale?

Argent returns home to find his door open and an emitter stuck on his desk. He’s hesitant to enter and draws his gun. It’s Derek who emerges from the shadows and asks why Argent was in his place. Argent denies being there and has a hunch this relates back to Stiles/nogitsune. He then notices one of his locked cabinets has been pried open.

Inside was the silver suitcase containing the money from Katashi. He knows that they didn’t take the money and it must have been planted. Ding ding ding! Agent McCall comes in and informs them that Katashi, or Silver Finger, has been found dead. The two are cuffed and brought to the station.

It’s at the station that we learn that is where the actual bomb is planted. As mayhem erupts Derek is able to piece together what is about to happen and shields Argent from the blast. Derek takes the brunt of the blast and is covered in nuts and bolts, but others weren’t so lucky. Argent is also awe-struck that Derek saved his life.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Peter is on a mission to find out what Derek learned when he met his mother in his vision. He decides to see if Lydia can really get a grip on her power and help him learn the secret. A Banshee screams to drown out the noise as well as warn of coming death. If she learns to really listen she can hear things that no one else can.

Lydia was a bit smarter this time and brought Allison as back-up and her and Peter are less than warm towards each other. I mean he did kill her aunt… As the two continue to bicker Lydia gets frustrated and sends the claws soaring through the air. They land in a banister and she can hear the voices. She walks closer to them and drowns out Peter’s questions.

When she comes to she lets him in on his forgotten memory: He’s a daddy. Shocked he begins to badger Lydia for more information and she’s reluctant to divulge anything. Allison gets him with a Taser and the girls leave. They start connecting the dots and come to the conclusion that Maliah is Peter’s daughter. This is a nice twist and ties that part of the plot back in.

So Much Pain, No Gain

Kira notices her mother come into the school after hours and she follows her. Her parents begin to discuss how they are running out of oni. Mrs. Yukimura assures her husband that these will be stronger. Kira takes off to find Scott to warn him.

He is at the station helping pick up the pieces after the bomb went off. For much of this episode he has been easing the pain of others, he started with Isaac, then Coach. Stiles urges him to help the deputy who is close to death. Scott does what he can but it doesn’t help.

Kira arrives and dusk is falling, the only place Stiles would be safe would be the Animal Hospital. It wouldn’t totally protect him but it would keep the oni at bay long enough for them to come up with a better plan. Unfortunately they were a bit late and the oni were there waiting.

Scott and Kira begin kicking some ass and it’s apparent that Kira holds some power when it comes to the oni. She gains control of one of their swords and is able to defeat them. Definitely someone you want to keep around.

Scott, however, was unable to escape unscathed. He takes a sword to the gut and Kira and Stiles drag him inside. Stiles grabs Kira and knocks her out. Alone with Scott he digs the knife in deeper (literally and figuratively) and explains that you should never trust a fox.

He has been goading Scott to help those in pain all day so he can take it and feed off of it. It will only make him stronger. Mid power-up Deaton swoops in and injects him with the Letharia Vulpine and Stiles falls to the ground.

All I know is, after this episode Dylan O’Brien deserves every award in the book. His acting was absolutely superb! However, I’m getting a bit worried that Stiles will not be making a return next season…