Matt Smith Wants The Fun Of River Song To End With Eleven

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

River Song. It’s a name that immediately invokes memories of a sassy woman with gigantic hair filled with spoilers and the greeting, “Hello, sweetie.” Apparently the former Doctor Who star, Matt Smith, has strong feelings about his show wife/co-star Alex Kingston, and her potential future with the Who franchise.

When he was asked about his feelings on the matter last weekend at the New Orleans Comic Con, he quipped “Don’t ask. I’m really possessive over Alex. I said this to Steven. I was like, ‘Listen, just don’t! Just not Alex. Anyone else, but don’t give him River.’ But Peter is the Doctor now so hey, what can I do?”

Though there have been tons of rumors about who will be reappearing in Peter Capaldi’s new season, there have been no confirmations that Alex Kingston’s River will make a comeback. But we will get to see some familiar faces, as it has been confirmed that Vastra, Jennie, and Strax will be back to help the new Doctor make his transition, and of course, we still have Clara as the companion.

While I was not overwhelmingly in love with series seven of Doctor Who, and hated to see Matt Smith leave, I am looking forward to seeing what is coming for our new Doctor in series eight. Filming began in January and the series is set to begin on BBC1 in August.

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