Martin Freeman, My Precioussss: Why We Love Him


There aren’t many people these days who can say that they don’t know Martin Freeman. Since his debut as Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit franchise, he’s become a household name. He’s everyone’s favorite hobbit, including mine. But I confess, I loved Martin long before he was a hobbit, even before I knew him by name.

The first time I ever saw him was in this lovely little film called Love Actually. I admit, I watched it mostly because Alan Rickman was in it and I adore him with every fiber of my being, but that’s a whole other story for me to tell you another time. But as I was watching, I noticed the cute little blonde guy playing the porn stunt double and he was just so adorable and charming that I just wanted to put him in my pocket! I looked up the movie to see the cast and found out his name and filed it away somewhere under “fangirl crush” in my head.

It was years before I saw him again, except for on my rewatches of Love Actually. But then he showed up in Shaun of the Dead. Then again in Hot Fuzz. And my fangirl crush grew and grew. By the time we made it around to Sherlock, I was already a certified Martin Freeman fangirl.

And can we just take a moment to discuss his brilliance as Dr. John Watson in Sherlock? Every role he portrays, he always does an amazing job, but there is something about his role as John that just makes you sit up and take notice.  I will admit that having the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch opposite you playing Sherlock couldn’t hurt anyone. But the two of them seem to just bring each other to life!

Martin’s interviews are legendary and curse riddled like a drunken sailor at times, which amuses greatly. He utters the f word so nonchalantly and matter of factly, like he’s offering you up a spot of tea. And of course, when you see him in The Hobbit, you automatically think he IS Bilbo, because he portrays the character so well.

Since The Hobbit and now The Desolation of Smaug has hit the screens, I am certainly not Martin’s only fangirl. But I do take pride in the fact that I knew him before he was a precious little hobbit.


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