Madonna Confirms Work On Her Next Album Has Begun And Also A Possible Future Collaboration

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

The Queen of Pop is readying her next assault for chart domination. Madonna has confirmed plans on her next album while opening another Hard Candy gym in Toronto, Canada.

Speaking to Canadian Press, she said, “Yes, plans are in the works already. Don’t ask me with who – it’s a secret. Top secret.” Reports from The Guardian suggest Madonna is planning to work on an album of ballads with Adele! That would be an interesting contrast to her MDNA and her MDNA tour, which was action (and drama) packed!

Not only did she confirm plans for a follow up to her 2012 LP, but she also admitted someone she’d be interested in working with. When asked if she’d collaborate with rapper/singer Drake, she simply replied, “If he’ll have me”. She has worked with stars such as Nicki Minaj and MIA in the past so I think that collaboration has potential!

She also launched a skincare brand in Japan in February called MDNA Skin. The project follows from previous branches of work into the fashion industry, for example. The products from the brand include a clay mask, a skin rejuvenator and a facial serum and will be available to the rest of the world from February 23. Not in time for Valentine’s Day but still worth looking forward to!


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