Little Mix’s New Album Salute Finally Arrives In The US, Was It Worth The Wait?

Photo Courtesy of Little Mix
Photo Courtesy of Little Mix

I was a huge fan of Little Mix’s debut album, DNA, so I’ve been highly anticipating their sophomore album release in the U.S. It was released in the UK back in November, but it’s finally been released in the U.S today, February 4, 2014 and I was not disappointed. The sound is different from the first album, However in a completely awesome way. So with that I’m gonna go track by track of the songs on the regular and deluxe versions of the album and let you know what I thought of each song along with a rating out of 10, 10 being the highest. Let’s get started!

Salute: 7/10
Honestly with this being the song the album is named after I expected more from it. It’s by no means a bad song, it’s just not my favorite song for them. I like songs that show off how amazing their voices are and to me this song does not show off their voice. It’s a fun dance song, but that’s about it.

Move: 9/10
Move is the first single off the album, and is probably one of my favorite songs. It’s a great dance song, and it shows off their voices which i love. They chose right making this their single, as ever since the single was released back in October I’ve been obsessed with it and haven’t stopped listening to it. It’s a total step up from their first single Wings off their first album and a huge step in the right direction for this band.

Little Me: 8.5/10
This was the second single off the album, and while it’s not nearly as great as Move, its still a great song with a great message. “You gotta speak up, you gotta shout out, And know that right here, right now, You can be beautiful, wonderful, Anything you wanna be.” If it picked up on U.S. radio it quite honestly could and should be the anthem of a generation telling young girls to stand up for themselves and that they can be whatever they want to be. Great song, great message.

Nothing Feels Like You: 8/10
Another fun dance song, that’s super catchy and shows off their great vocals. What makes it stand out from being just another dance song is the instrumentals. The instrumentals have an African-inspired beat that makes the track like nothing on the radio right now. The song makes you smile as you listen to it, and we need more songs like this in the world.

Towers: 7/10
Towers is a great song to show off the ladies vocals, but that’s about it. There’s nothing terribly song, but there’s nothing to make it stand out from being just another ballad and that’s the problem I have with the song. Great vocals can only get you so far, and without a catchy tune its just another song.

Competition: 7.5/10
This song stands out with a jazzy vibe to start out and trick you into thinking it’ll be a jazzy song, just to turn into an R&B song. To me this is another song on this album that’s got great vocals, but not catchy enough to be a standout song. For a filler song on the album its great, and while it’s better than Salute to me, it’s still not my favorite song i’ve heard.

These Four Walls: 9/10
This song gives me goosebumps. It’s eerie, but beautiful at the same time and I can’t stop listening to it. The vocals are totally on point and I dare you to listen to the final chorus of the song where the girls all sing together and tell me these girls don’t have talent. The harmonies are stunning in the final chorus and if you can believe it they sing it even better live. They performed the song live on British show Surprise, Surprise and i’ll just let you hear the amazingness for yourselves.

About The Boy: 8/10
This to me was just another filler fun dancy song on the album… well it was until Ms. Perrie Edwards pulled out this high note out nowhere and completely stole the song. I had to give the song a whole number higher rating  just for that high note and how freaking amazing it was. All the awards to Perrie for this song, AMAZING.

Boy: 9.5/10
This song quite honestly tricks you into thinking your listening to a Destiny’s Child song, with the Destiny’s child inspired vocals. From the first minute of acapella harmonies, to the rest of the song that brings in a beat its truly a masterpiece of a song. Definitely one of my favorite songs of the album.

Good Enough: 8.5/10
This song is a great song and while its good enough to be a standout ballad on the album, it comes second-best to “These Four Walls”. In saying that though, it by no means means that its not a beautiful song. The lyrics are great and the vocals are even better, but it’s just missing a real standout moment like “These Four Walls” had.

Mr. Loverboy: 8.5/10
From the vocals to the beat on the song I can’t help myself from wanting to find my own Mr. Loverboy to dance with during this song. This song could easily be on the radio right now and completely take over hands down. It has a super cool 90’s vibe along with effortless vocals that makes it one of my favorite songs on the album.

A Different Beat: 7.5/10
It’s another fun dance song that has a similar vibe to “Salute”, but I enjoyed “A Different Beat” so much more. The vocals were much better, and  the lyrics were much catchier. The name of song surely goes matches the music as it’s a very different beat from other songs out there, if only there was a super similar song on the album.. Good song, just not good enough to be a favorite.

Now onto the additional songs on the Deluxe Version…

See Me Now: 7/10
It’s a good song, but not a great song which is probably why it’s on the deluxe version and not the regular version of the album.

They Just Don’t Know You: 8/10
Again another good, not great song.. but in my opinion it’s better than “Salute”. Catchy lyrics, but probably not on the album because while it’s catchy it’s not a stand out song either.

Stand Down: 9/10
I honestly have no idea why this wasn’t included in the regular version of the album because quite honestly it’s one of my favorite songs on the deluxe version, if not the regular version. The stand-out moment of the song has to be when they “break it down” and do some awesome scatting that i love.

Little Me (Unplugged): 9.5/10
Honestly I LOVED this version of this song even more than the original. These ladies do not disappoint when it comes to stripped down versions of their songs and this one was no exception. I feel like with this version of the song the lyrics seem even more meaningful and its a beautiful version of the song. Honestly I would buy the deluxe version of the album just for this song so good.

Overall Album Rating:
(Regular Version): 8.5/10
(Deluxe Version): 9/10 (.5 more for Stand Down and Little Me:Unplugged)

Final Thoughts on the Album:
It’s a great album, and one that should be topping the U.S. charts this week. If you’re already a Mixer than I’m sure you more than enjoyed the album and weren’t disappointed with their debut effort. I do think its safe to say though that if you weren’t a Mixer before, you just might be after listening to this album. An amazing album from arguably one of the best girl groups of all-time.

Songs You Should Download, Though I Recommend You Just Download The Whole Album:
-Little Me (Regular & Unplugged)
-These Four Walls
-Mr. Loverboy
-Stand Down


Heather O'Connell