Liam Neeson Brings His Very Particular Set of Skills to Taken 3

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Liam Neeson will soon be “taken”… again.

In this case, we may only speak figuratively. There is a twist to the star’s third foray into the Taken franchise – neither Neeson’s character nor his family (previously played by Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen) will be taken in this movie. It’s a sharp departure from Taken and Taken 2, but a welcome one, in my book. The everybody-is-kidnapped-and-only-Liam-can-save-them schtick might have gotten a little old the third time around. It will be interesting to see how the film functions outside of that plot device.

Acclaimed for such weighty roles as Oskar Schindler in Spielberg’s Oscar-winning Schindler’s List, Neeson has also starred in everything from the Star Wars prequels to the soon-to-be-released thriller Non-Stop. In recent years, he has been in a number of successful action movies including The A-Team and The Grey. Neeson has proved himself to be an engaging action star. I personally love nothing better than watching him beat the tar out of the bad guys for two hours.

In addition to the great fun of watching his righteous wrath , Neeson also instills his roles with a deep layer of pathos that elevates his action roles beyond the level of simple popcorn flicks. The Grey, particularly, springs to mind.

With his stellar record as an actor in dramatic, comedic (remember Love Actually?), and action roles, Liam Neeson is a movie star of the highest caliber and one whose performances I always look forward to with the greatest anticipation.

He has a very particular set of skills… and being an amazing action star is one of them.

Taken 3 begins production in Fall 2014.

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