“Let the Dark Times Roll” On This Week’s Lost Girl


Photo: Syfy
Photo: Syfy

Previously on Lost Girl, Lauren was kidnapped by Fae, Tamsin grew up in time to help take care of Massimo, and Bo found out she’s dark.

This week starts where last week’s left off, Bo has just found out she’s Dark Fae from the Una Mens and is not happy about it. The Una Mens are content, because they just wanted Bo to be aligned and tell Bo to leave. Before she leaves, Bo, threatens the Una Mens, telling them that it’s her town and that they need to leave. The head Una Mens mentions Lauren and Kenzi, telling Bo that their deaths will be “most painful,” which causes Bo to get pissed and she succubuses all six of them. Unfortunately, it backfires and the Una Mens take their Chi back. The head Una Mens tells her, “Strike at the Una Mens and you shall be your own victim” and that if she doesn’t go pay fealty to the leader of the Dark, she’s dead.


Photo Courtesy of Showcase
Photo Courtesy of Showcase

To the Dark Fae headquarters where Bo is “recharging” before she and Kenzi meet with Vex, who they think is behind Bo being dark. They have a short talk about Dyson, who is out of town looking for Lauren, and also discuss Lauren’s safety. When it’s their turn to see The Morrigan, they go into the office and are shocked to see Evony, not Vex. Bo demands Vex and Evony tells her to come to a party she’s hosting that afternoon. Evony also tells Bo that she can get out of joining the Dark by showing proof that she was tricked into doing so before the first full moon since joining. Naturally, that full moon is that night, so Bo has no choice but to attend Evony’s party.

Cut to Trick, who is on the phone with Wai Lin, the Fae who can make them tell the truth, trying to get information on The Wanderer. When he gets off the phone he opens a box to reveal a little walnut looking thing, and from his reaction to it, it seems powerful. He goes to put it in his vault and when he comes back out, a Fae is waiting for him and tells him he’s been summoned by the Una Mens.

Bo and Kenzi decide to take Tamsin along with them to the Dark Fae party. Tamsin and Kenzi grab drinks and head towards the food and the dance floor while Evony takes Bo aside. Evony tries explaining to Bo that the Dark and Light aren’t that different, the Dark Fae just lack the hypocrisy of the Light and Bo isn’t drinking the Kool Aid. They take a walk outside where Evony explains that Vex isn’t at the party, but the resources to find him are. Bo raises a fuss and Evony tells her that she can be a friend, turning Bo around in time to see Lauren walking across the lawn like an angel.

Photo Courtesy of Showcase
Photo Courtesy of Showcase

Cut to Trick, who is meeting with the Una Mens. The Una Mens want to know how he ended up in the colonies owning the Dal.

Bo and Lauren are alone in a room. Bo says something about talking, but that idea goes out the window quickly and they start making out (and Doccubus fans cheer). The second best part of this scene is the waiter that interrupts them with mini quiche.

Back to Trick and the Una Mens. They talk about the history of the Una Mens, in short, there was rebellion and to enforce the Blood Laws, six Fae were put in charge. Those Fae each had to swallow a seed, which unified them and enabled them to carry out justice without emotions. The Blood King took his seed and ran and the Una Mens don’t know where he went. I can’t tell if they really don’t know that Trick is the Blood King.

Kenzi and Tamsin, are hitting up the tables of food when they find Bruce under the sushi. Bruce explains that it’s his punishment. She gets him out of the sushi and when she grabs a table cloth for him to put on she finds a newly married couple dead underneath. The Dark Fae hijacked their wedding reception.


Photo Courtesy of Showcase
Photo Courtesy of Showcase

Back to Bo and Lauren, who are still kissing and talking about talking. Lauren asks Bo why she’s there and Bo tells her about being dark and the Vex situation. Lauren tells her that she’s with the Morrigan because she’s hiding from the Una Mens. Evony interrupts them, telling them to “Scissor already,” and then asking for Bo’s blood oath that she will find Vex and bring him to Evony. When Bo agrees, Evony brings another Fae (a Scavenger Fae) into the room, telling Bo and Lauren that they need a serum to render Vex powerless and that the Scavenger Fae will help.  They take the newlywed’s limo and head into an alley (not sure why?). When they get out of the car, the Scavenger Fae, whose name is Pietra, starts fangirling a little at the chance to work with Bo and Lauren. She heads over behind a building, where the bodies of the couple are lying, and grabs a knife, more accurately, the Scimitar of Cronus (it actually doesn’t look like a scimitar, but hey, what do I know). Pietra explains that Vex wants it because he thinks it will help him get rid of the poison that is preventing him from leaving the territory. Bo and Lauren realize that Vex is hanging out near Dyson’s place, since Dyson is out of town and they head over there.

Back downstairs with Bruce, Tamsin, and Kenzi. Bruce is explaining that his punishment for helping Kenzi is being enslaved by another Fae. He sent Kenzi post cards so that she wouldn’t worry about him. Bruce tells Kenzi that a different Fae could master him, which gives her the idea to get Tamsin to do it. Tamsin makes the announcement, inadvertently issuing a challenge to his current master, Kai.

Bo, Lauren, and Pietra are waiting for Vex to show up. Lauren readies a syringe full of nectar of violet, which according to her was Socrates’ natural hallucinogenic. Bo asks if they can talk, throwing Lauren off, but before they can get into anything, Pietra interrupts. A woman, who is very obviously under Vex’s control, walks up to Pietra, kicks her in the shin, and takes the scimitar. Lauren gives Bo the syringe and Bo goes chasing after the woman, leaving Pietra and Lauren alone. Pietra tells Lauren that she ships it.

Bo follows the woman into the old gym and runs into Vex. He doesn’t know anything about the Wanderer, his only plan is to leave town. He sets the woman on Bo and while Bo is focused on knocking her out, Vex comes up behind her and sticks her with the syringe. Vex winces at his hand, which we see is really nasty looking.

Bo wakes up on Vex’s bed, unable to move anything except her head. Vex is in the other room making some sort of concoction. He goes over to Bo and tells her that he’s going to use her as leverage when he leaves, after he cuts off his hand. She starts gushing about Lauren (another point for Doccubus), and doesn’t stop until Vex threatens her and she remembers that she’s pissed at him for making her dark.

Cut to Kenzi who is preparing Tamsin to fight Kai. Evony flips a coin, giving Tamsin the opportunity to pick what they are dueling with. Tamsin says that she just wants to dance, which leads to a dance off.

Back to Bo and Vex. Vex explains that he’s making an anesthetic for when he cuts off his hand. Bo tries to convince Vex not to do anything drastic, using her and Lauren as an example, which causes Vex to gag her. Vex tells her about being the last Mesmer, his family was hunted down and their hands were cut off, leaving them to die slowly.

At the dance off, Tamsin goes first, joined by Kenzi halfway through. When it’s Kai’s turn, she shows off her moves and that she’s a better dancer. Kenzi tells Tamsin to use her powers of doubt, so she Valkyries out (that is totally a thing) and causes the dancer to land bad and break her neck. Evony tells Tamsin that she is Bruce’s new master and all the other Fae start dancing, ignoring the body on the floor.

Vex’s potion is ready so he downs it and then starts singing to get himself ready to chop off his hand. Bo tries to stop him by talking about how he’s family, but the anesthetic doesn’t actually function as an anesthetic and angers the fungus on his hand. Bo had been getting control over her limbs again and runs over to Vex. Just as Bo puts her hand on Vex’s, he chops his hand off and runs off. Vex makes his way to his car and is confronted by Bo. He begs her not to take him to the Morrigan and tells Bo that he had nothing to do with her being dark. Vex asks her why she didn’t just ask the Morrigan’s Archivist and Bo realizes that Evony played her.

Bo storms into Evony’s office, throwing Vex’s hand, which is in a bag of ice, at her. Evony tells her that she needs all of Vex for the Una Mens and Bo isn’t having any of it and demands to see the Archivist. The Archivist is conveniently right outside the door, when he comes in, he pulls the skin off of his head (EWW) and hands it to Bo. The skin (still ew) shows that Bo’s signed the pledge to the Dark and her sponsor’s name was Rainer. Bo has no memory of signing it nor does she know the name Rainer, obviously she was tricked, so she tells Evony to take care of it. Evony tells her she lied and that the only way to fix anything is to find Rainer. Bo grabs Vex’s hand and then threatens her but Evony reminds her that she’s Dark and walks away. Lauren comes into the office and she and Bo share a look that says, “We’re going to have that conversation now.”

Back to Trick and the Una Mens. The Una Mens are done reviewing Trick’s life, and Trick unsheathes a hidden dagger, ready to go after the Una Mens. They tell him they want him to be acting Ash, which is not what he was expecting, and he puts the dagger away.

Bo tells Lauren that she can’t un-dark herself and suggests that they head back to the Clubhouse for a proper reunion. Lauren tells Bo that she can’t go back to the Light because they weren’t the ones to seek her out when the Una Mens starting killing humans. She tells her that the Dark did, through kidnapping, but they still sought her out. With the Dark Lauren can be free and protected. Bo tells her that she can have freedom and protection with Bo, suggesting claiming Lauren if necessary. Lauren tells Bo that’s like owning her and then says, “I’ll always be a prisoner, the least I can do is chose my own cage.” Bo doesn’t seem to grasp what Lauren is saying, because she tells Lauren to let her know when she’s ready to come back to her family. The second time I watched this scene, I got really pissed at Bo, because she has this tendency to ignore what people say. The last thing she should have said in response to Lauren wanting to be free is that she’d claim her to keep her safe.

Kenzi and Bruce are at the Clubhouse. Kenzi is trying to convince Bruce to take off on his own for some soul searching. We see Tamsin eavesdropping on the conversation, and taking Kenzi’s words to heart.

Trick and Bo are at the Dal. Bo catches Trick up on being Dark, showing him the pledge, which he says is legitimate. He offers to help her get to the bottom of it but explains that it might be complicated because he’s acting Ash. He also explains that the Una Mens don’t have emotions, just rules. Bo asks about Rainer and Trick tells her they can use the King’s Book of Records.

Next we see Trick’s vault, which has been broken into and the seed is missing. The last scene is with the Una Mens. They receive Bo’s declaration to the Dark from the Archivist and look up Rainer’s name in what looks to be Trick’s record book. When she finds Rainer’s name, the Una Mens as a whole kind of freak out. So this Rainer dude looks like bad news.

So what do you think?

As per usual, I leave you with a few quotes.

Bo: What was in that syringe? Oh yeah, Socrates!

Kenzi: He imprisoned your brassy beaver.

Evony: Look at you, all edgy and shit.

Kenzi: You’re a living sushi table, you’re Brushi!

Bruce: They read their vows in iambic pentameter. So lovely.