Katy Perry Is First Twitter User To Reach 50 Million Followers

Photo: cbslocal
Photo: cbslocal

The current Queen of Twitter has reached yet another milestone on one of the world’s largest social media sites! Katy Perry has recently managed to obtain 50 MILLION Twitter followers and counting!

The Twitter crown has been passed around quite a few times over the years, mainly between Perry, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. Currently, Katy is almost 1 million followers ahead of the second most-followed user, Justin Bieber (49.4 million). The U.S President, Barack Obama, follows behind Bieber with 41.9 million.

Gaga just misses out on the third spot with 41 million and YouTube completes the top 5 with 39 million.

There was huge controversy online last year when reports from some sort of Twitter follower-counting function suggested that a large amount of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry’s followers were spam accounts or non-active accounts. The number of apparently fake accounts reported at the time were so high, that it would have knocked them both down a spot on the list. However, they have both managed to boost their numbers once again thanks to new music releases and media stories.

Perry saw more achievements this week as her newest single, ‘Dark Horse’, became her ninth number 1. The single is from her latest album, Prism, which has received some rough reviews, but managed to churn out hit singles such as ‘Roar’ and ‘Unconditionally’.

You can listen to Perry’s new single below and follow her @katyperry, but we have a feeling you’re probably already following her!

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