Is Ultraviolence From Lana Del Rey Coming Sooner Than We Think? Singer Shares Date With Fans

Image: Nicole Nodland/Rolling Stone
Image: Nicole Nodland/Rolling Stone

A video emerged on YouTube (February 8) of Lana Del Rey meeting with fans. Although there are many fan-videos on YouTube of their experiences meeting Lana, this one is slightly different! Aside from singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a star-struck fan, taking time to talk and sign merchandise and just being a general sweetheart, Lana also revealed a possible release date for her upcoming album, Ultraviolence!

Not knowing that she was being filmed, the Born To Die songstress replied to a fan asking about the album’s release date, saying May 1st is the date! After noticing the camera and laughing at the fact she was being recorded, she added “I think so! I don’t know!”

The fan who was recording the moment then asked the Grammy-nominated beauty to talk about the album. She replied, “I don’t know… It’s so good that it made me forget about the last record, it’s just, I’m in love with it”.

She continued, “I don’t know, there’s just something about it! I have that feeling about it. I have that, you know, romantic feeling about it”.

We know what you mean, Lana! As always, rumors were swirling around online stating that Ultraviolence will essentially be an EDM album with collaborations such as Lady Gaga. However, none of this was proven fact and one can only dream that it could happen for now! (Although, how awesome would that be?)

The sultry-singer earned massive success without the need of charting well last year. I actually got the opportunity to see her tour for her previous album and she was amazing. Not only is she a wonderful writer and singer, she has a particular talent for making her vision real. An example of this would be her recent short-movie release, Tropico. The 30-minute art-piece is accompanied by some of the songs from her re-release Born To Die: The Paradise Edition. 

Lana recently covered “Once Upon A Dream” for the soundtrack of Maleficent and it is classic Lana Del Rey! You can check out the cover and the fan-video below!

“Once Upon A Dream”:

Fan Video:



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