Hank Green Explains All Our Feelings About Book Publishing (Both Good and Bad)

Photo courtesy of YouTube
Photo courtesy of YouTube

If we didn’t already know that Hank Green was our spirit animal, we do now. In today’s vlogbrothers video Hank rants about those tiny things that annoy us about books; i.e. spoilers on the book jacket, sets that don’t match up, and more.

Of course we love escaping into the world of a new book, and there is nothing better than the feelings of opening a new book and finishing a great one, but Hank really nails those small things that sometimes grind our gears about how books are published. Most importantly, he pointed out the biggest publishing no-no: not indicating when a book is a series.

Fun story, my mother one found out the book she was reading was a sequel. She spent the whole book semi-confused and was not a happy camper when she realized her book was a sequel and not the stand-alone novel she anticipated. Publishing companies, please save other people from this horrible fate.

As per usual, thank you Hank Green for beautifully articulating all the feels that we cannot feel to put into eloquent feels.

BONUS POINTS: Provided to Hank for including a Neil Gaiman novel in the video.


Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues