Grab Some “Free Snacks” For The Newest Episode Of Girls

Photo courtesy of HBO
Photo courtesy of HBO

This week Hannah sells out and Jess sells a black baptism dress. Shosh is emotionally dead and Marnie is starting to lighten up. Is your heading spinning yet?

Hannah has accepted a job with GQ and Ray is quite skeptical when she gives her two weeks. He figures she’ll be back before she knows it. Plus come to find out it’s not a staff writing position but an advertorial position sponsored by Neiman Marcus. But still it’s a step up for someone whose rights to their e-book is frozen.

Her first day arrives and I mean Hannah Horvath has arrived. She gets her own cubical and phone! Amazing! A geeky looking guy keeps walking by saying ‘hey’ attempting to break the ice. Joe will be working with her on the ‘Field Guide to the Urban Man’ and takes on the role of the one man welcome wagon. First stop on their office tour is the snack room. Fully stocked with amazing and delicious goodies Hannah is amazed when she learns that it’s all free. She needs a moment alone to fully experience the foodgasm.

She shows up to her first meeting with her arms overflowing with snacks. I don’t blame her one bit. When in Rome, right? The meeting starts when her boss Janice arrives. Janice is hard to read and is a straight shooter. Hannah doesn’t hold back and ends up being the star of the meeting (I mean she had gems like Kewl Dad and Ka-baller).

Her co-worker Kevin is less than thrilled with her. And frankly it’s just her face. He can’t stand to look at her. He wants to rip her mouth right off. Sounds to me like Kevin just needs to get laid. In the sacred snack room Hannah chats with her new colleagues. Karen has nothing but praise for her, you can see the excitement in Hannah’s face. That is until Kevin, Joe, and Karen reveal all of their previous accolades. All three were amazing writers but had since traded in the passion for the craft for benefits, a steady paycheck, and a corporate gym membership.

Hannah freaks out at the notion of not being a writer anymore. She makes the decision to quit and goes to tell Janice, who welcomes her with a compliment and explains that Hannah reminds her of herself when she started 10 years ago. Hannah blurts out that she doesn’t want to be there in 10 years and this baffles Janice but she says ok and tells Hannah point blank there are so many people who want her job.

Hannah leaves and after pacing for a few minutes she decides she was wrong. Back in Janice’s office Hannah takes back her resignation. Janice couldn’t be bothered due to the copper siding she’s installing in her house. She tells Hannah to e-mail her if she’s working there or not.

Hannah head back to her desk and cries. Joe feels bad and reassures her that if she carves out time to write that she can certainly be a writer still. She takes some solace is in this but still life is not the same. Life is also not the same for Shosh. She has been stalking Ray as of late and can’t really believe that he is excelling while her life is falling apart.

Her answer, she needs a steady boyfriend. She has two choices of men and she ends up going for the dumb but loveable type. Watching them have sex was almost painful. Shosh rattled off all the things that she requires of her boyfriend’s while acting totally aloof. Parker continued to bone her and pull her hair as she nagged on.

Only slightly led awkward is whatever is going on with Marnie and Ray. As a peace offering he brings her some vegan muffins and offers to watch some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her. She is unsure of why he is there because I mean they aren’t exactly friends. Ray tells her that he knows she’s having a rough time but she’s too proud to admit she needs help. They sleep together again, this time it’s a lot less frenzied.

They decide to take their new ‘thing’ out in public and seem to be enjoying themselves till they see Hannah and Adam’s doppelgangers. They quickly hide behind whatever they can find. When they realize they are in the clear they have a laugh and continue to lunch. Which seems to be going fine until an argument begins to brew. Both just rip into each other’s flaws definitely making a scene. Ray is the first to back down and urges Marnie to sit back down. Because let’s face it, she has no one to eat lunch with and neither does she.

Also feeling alone is Adam. With Hannah embarking on her journey in the corporate world he’s been pursuing his acting career more intently. He’s been going on auditions but nothing seems to be sticking. He admits to Hannah he doesn’t actually really care about landing a gig, it’s just the thrill of the audition that he loves. That is until he actually scores a call back. He is beyond thrilled and recounts his day to Hannah who after denying his sexual advances claiming she had to write for three hours promptly passes out. He covers her with a blanket and accepts this defeat.

Next week it’s a girls trip to the Hamptons and Andrew Rannells is back as a guest star!