Glee Season 5 Fashion Report Card: See How Your Faves Stacked Up

Photos Courtesy of Fox
Photos Courtesy of Fox

This is totally based on my opinion, feel free to agree or disagree it’s all in good fun! I’ll be taking a look at the characters fashions that have been featured on Season 5 of Glee, which means only characters that have been in Season 5 will be talked about. To start this report card well begin with the A’s..

Abrams, Artie:
Grade: B

Photos Courtesy of Fox
Photos Courtesy of Fox

Artie’s style can be described as very geek chic. His outfit seems to always consist of some type of unique sweater or sweater vest and gloves, and while some can’t pull it off he seems to pull them off without effort. Though in my opinion just because you can pull it off doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you should wear. There’s nothing particularly wrong with his style, I just sometimes wish he’d shake it up and wear a plain t-shirt and jeans. In saying all of this though, it works for his personality and character so that is why he’s getting the B grade for now.

Adams, Unique:
Grade: C

Photos Courtesy of Fox

Quite honestly I LOVED Unique’s style last season, it flattered her and was very stylish, so it saddens me that this season her clothing has done a 180. She is so unique already, and i feel like her style is too in your face unique this season when it doesn’t need to be. I loved her style because it was so simple but sophisticated last season, so i don’t know what happened this year to go from that to this colorful patterned mess of clothes from week to week.

Anderson, Blaine:
Grade: C-

Photos Courtesy of Fox
Photos Courtesy of Fox

A friend’s description of Blaine’s wardrobe this season says it all “It looks like a rainbow vomited all over his wardrobe”. It’s true, he’s worn every single color possible this season, including rainbow, from his shirts to his overly tight pants.  Quite honestly there’s nothing wrong with the pieces separately, but when you put them together its way too much color. Seriously the worst has to be the mustardy gold suit outfit he wore in the first episode, its just too much. Stop with all the combining of colors and maybe his grade will improve.

Berry, Rachel:
Grade: A-


Rachel’s style the first few season’s was not so great, but luckily being in New York has done wonders for her wardrobe. Season 5 might be the best season of Rachel’s fashion yet. What I love this season is that every single outfit is simple, but has some type of statement piece like a standout piece of jewelry, or a beautiful purple coat. While she does have her fashion moments that makes me scratch my head, its safe to say she’s one of the most improved with fashion throughout the show. Keep up the great fashion this season Rachel!

Chang, Mike:
Grade: A-


Mike Chang has great style. It’s simple, but stylish and not over the top. We really haven’t gotten to see too much of his style this season though, but based on the little we have seen i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and give him an A-.

Cohen-Chang, Tina:
Grade: C


Tina has come a long way from her goth looks of the early seasons and while her current look is an improvement, I’m still not in love with the look as a whole. Some of the looks work, while others don’t which is why I can’t give her a higher grade than a C. Her looks are way to hit and miss. Plus it doesn’t help that one moment she’s in a total preppy look, the next she’s got like a mix of preppy goth that just doesn’t work at all. I do have to say on a positive note though, that i was a huge fan of her prom dress before it got ruined though.

Evans, Sam:
Grade: B-


I feel like Sam has the potential to have great fashion, but he constantly disappoints. Someone please take away his plaid shirts, because I swear that seems like that’s all he’s worn this season and I’m not okay with it. It looked like he might have been improving with the possible modeling career in New York and the fashion he wore there, but back in Lima it was back to the boring plaid shirts. Please tell him he’s allowed to wear t-shirts without a plaid shirt over them.

Fabray, Quinn:
Grade: A


While we haven’t gotten to see Quinn in a actual episode this season yet, we will be seeing her triumphant return in episodes 12 and 13. We have gotten a little sneak peek into her wardrobe this season though with behind the scenes pics, and it looks like Quinn will be as fashionable as ever. One main difference in her wardrobe looks to be the addition of a pearl necklace. Many that have seen the pearls are comparing it a ‘Stepford Wife’, and quite honestly you can’t deny the similarity. While we don’t know the reason behind the pearl wardrobe change just yet, we will be finding out soon enough. Despite that she hasn’t been on the show this season though, basing in on what we can see her fashion is as on as ever.

Hummel, Kurt:
Grade: C+


Kurt’s style is very hit and miss with me. Don’t get me wrong I love Kurt and I love some of his looks, like his blue suit when Blaine proposed, but others I wish were burned and never seen again, like the green camo pants seen above. More often than not his style isn’t so bad, but with the good and bad coming so on and off all the time is why I gave a C+ and not something higher or lower.

Jones, Mercedes:
Grade: A

Mercedes is another that hasn’t been on too much this season, but what we have seen the style has been pretty good. She’s one that knows how to dress for her body type and that’s one thing i love about seeing her style. It’s important to find things that flatter your body, but are still fun and she’s an expert on how to do that. Quite honestly Unique should get a few tips from her to get her style back on track.

Lopez, Santana:
Grade: A-


Santana is one person that with her style it seems to be all about short, tight, and showing off her body. Of course with her body, why wouldn’t you want to show it off. One thing i love is that while her wardrobe is all similar, its different at the same time. I love that she keeps true to herself, but always seems to mature her style through the years. While I do love her style, sometimes I wish she’d do something different besides short tight dresses more often this season.

Lynn, Ryder:
Grade: D+


Ryder’s style to me just looks messy. It honestly doesn’t look like he puts much effort into his style, and kinda looks like he just goes into his closet every morning and just grabs the first things he sees that match. I’m hoping we see a maturing in his style before season’s end, but honestly i’m not holding my breath.

Pierce, Brittany
Grade: C


Brittany is one of my favorite characters on Glee, but without her Cheerios uniform I feel like she goes straight to her child like clothing rather than mature clothing she should be wearing considering shes in college now. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt considering we have yet to see her this season, but based on the behind the scenes looks I’m not so sure I’m liking what i’m seeing.

Puckerman, Jake:
Grade: B


Honestly there’s nothing wrong with Jake’s style, but there’s nothing that really makes it stand out either. It looks like he puts effort into his looks, but not enough to make him stand out as a super fashion-forward guy. Quite honestly it looks like he might have shirts in every color and just chooses what matches and wears it that day. As much as I graded down Sam for having too much plaid, maybe Jake should take one or two plaid shirts from Sam to shake up his wardrobe. With Puckerman blood in him, I think he’ll figure it out, which leads me to another Puckerman..

Puckerman, Noah:
Grade: A


From what we’ve seen of Noah this season it looks like he’s learned how to master the looks that Sam, Jake, and Ryder are still trying to master. He makes the looks effortless, but still mature and that’s why they work. He’s been on less this season than all of them , but we’ve still seen more different looks from him than all of them combined.

Rose, Marley:
Grade: B-


I feel like Marley is still trying to find her sense of fashion. Some of her looks work, while other just looks messy and not put together well at all. I love her use of scarves with her outfits, but some of her looks could go without one. Marley needs to learn that sometimes less is more as she tends to over-accessorize which makes her look like she just couldn’t decide what to wear so she just wore everything.

Wilde, Kitty:
Grade: N/A


It’s really hard for me to give Kitty a grade on fashion this season because she’s seen in nearly every scene with a cheerios uniform on which makes it difficult to know what her sense of fashion really is. The only time we’ve seen her out of the uniform was either in a performance costume, or her dress during the season’s of love performance, which was very classy. Until we see her in more than a Cheerios uniform I really don’t think it’s fair to give her a grade.

Heather O'Connell