For Your Nostalgia: The Cutting Edge Brings Love to Figure Skating

Photo courtesy of IMDB
Photo courtesy of IMDB

Oh, The Cutting Edge, how do I love thee? With Olympics in full swing and the Men’s short program airing today, I thought it would be appropriate and take you readers down a memory lane full of ice, fiery personalities and the hope of Olympic gold. If you haven’t seen this gem of a romantic comedy, you seriously need to. It’s become something of a classic film, especially during the holidays and especially on ABC Family who has produced three sequels to the film, though I don’t particularly recommend tackling those films.

Anyway, the original film was first released in 1992 and starred D.B. Sweeny and Moira Kelly as the dueling figure skating couple Douglas Dorsey and Kate Moseley. The two come from very different backgrounds. Douglas is a hockey player and Kate is a figure skater. At the 1988 Olympics, Douglas suffered a head injury damaging his peripheral vision and his hockey career. Kate flubbed up on her pairs program resulting in a fall which she blamed and fired her partner for. Four years later, Kate’s coach Pamchenko is trying to find her a partner for the next Olympics. Deciding to go out of the figure skating norm, Pamchenko finds Douglas in Minnesota working for a steel mill. He goes to Boston, auditions, and the rest is well, shall we say, history.

The chemistry between Sweeny and Kelly is palpable. They play off each other and their comedic timing is perfection. They illicit genuine laughs and coupled with their skating, the performances are are electric. They’re convincing as a couple who hate each other yet grow to learn from each other and then subsequently fall in love. It’s quite like a fairy tale. You don’t know if they win at the Olympics against Sweden but you know that they’ve won each other and that’s worth it in the end.

Another thing I love about this movie is the fashion. I know the 90s weren’t particularly a fashion forward year but some of Kate’s clothing is to die for. I especially like her blue sweater she wears when she announces her engagement to Hale. In fact, any of the clothes she wears with Hale are amazing. Sophisticated and smart, they fit her personality. She’s strong willed with no frills and her clothing reflects that. Even though she’s rich, she isn’t gaudy which is pretty cool too.

So, needless to say, if you like figure skating and you like romantic comedies, you really need to check out The Cutting Edge. It’s a great film filled with fantastic performances, costumes, figure skating and love. What more is there to love?

Shelby Arnold
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