For Your Fun: Celebs React To Mean Tweets

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel YouTube
Photo: Jimmy Kimmel YouTube

It’s February, and love is in the air, but not always in the Twitter-sphere.

One of my favorite Jimmy Kimmel segments (the first being the ones where parents torment their kids) is Celebrity Mean Tweets. I mean, talk about putting someone’s ego in check. There have been 6 volumes of mean tweets and I’m going to share some of my personal favorites with you!

1) “Will Ferrell is a f*ing fool”. Sitting on a toilet Ferrell takes this on as a compliment and is pretty pumped up about it.
2) Larry King takes the cake in the second installment, just because, well it’s Larry King. His suspenders and shoulders are enough to make you laugh
3) Simon Cowell was touch when he was called a D
k. I thought this was Celebrity Mean Tweets? Guess Simon can take what he dishes out.
4) Elizabeth Moss’ response to her tweet was magical. You give that meanie the bird girl. You are beautiful
5) Juilia Louis- Dreyfus made me chuckel because she give no fucks about mean tweets. She just laughs.
6) Finally, the best so far that I’ve seen is Matt Damon, just because of Jimmy’s on going beef with him and # NODISRESPECTBENAFFLECK

Check out all the six videos below, and get ready to laugh!