For The Love: 15 Reasons Why Tom Hiddleston is the Coolest Cat in Town

Photo: Elle
Photo: Elle

Since it is Tom Hiddleston’s 33rd birthday, and since some of us here at 4YE are hardcore Hiddlestoners we figured an obligatory birthday post depicting just how awesome Hiddleston needed to be written.

So without further adieu I give you 15 reasons why we think Tom Hiddleston is “the coolest cat on the block.”

15. He is a tennis nerd

Tom is a self proclaimed tennis ‘nerd’ in an interview with The Hot Hits he revealed that the two things he geeks out about the most are tennis and Shakespeare (more on that later).

He was at the historical Wimbledon moment last summer when Andy Murray won the championship and he said, “I screamed louder than anyone in Hall H today. I’ll tell you that.”

You get that pride on, Tom. You get it.

Check out the full interview below:

14. Multi-lingual 

While he may not be completely fluent in all the languages he has proven to be able to speak, Hiddleston still makes the effort and that we can all applaud. Ancient Greek, Italian, Spanish, French, you name it and he can probably say something!

Here is a compilation video of him speaking a multitude of languages:

13. His

Do I really need to say more here, or shall I let his smooth moves do the talking?

12. His politeness


The use of please and thank you has certainly, and unfortunately, decreased in today’s society, but if everyone said it just half the number of time’s Hiddleston did I think the world would be a much nicer place.

One should never underestimate the power of a genuine thank you – or bless you – and a smile.

11. His glasses

You read that correctly, folks. Tom Hiddleston wears glasses. They made their debut on his appearance on Top Gear tonight (February 9) and I think all of his fans are grateful. Check out his appearance below:

10. Potty-mouth

GIF: hiddles-love

Hiddleston may be Mr. Polite, but he also has a bit of a potty-mouth. If you watch interviews or gag reels you will know exactly why I’m talking about. 

9. He likes to rap

Like the dancing, this is pretty self explanatory

8. He sings too

I think the next Marvel flick with Loki needs to be a musical – just saying.

7. He loves being Loki

Being burdened with glorious purpose, the evil manic smile, making people kneel before him; he loves it, he really, really loves it. I mean, not many people would show up to ComicCon in full character just to introduce a panel. There definitely isn’t many.

Hiddleston loves it though, I bet he gets all giddy when people ask for him to get into character. He has even written a full article defending superhero movies; he definitely loves his job. 

6. His Bromances


Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Hemsworth. They don’t really get much better.

GIF: deareje

Bonus GIF for everyone’s enjoyment.

5. He’s a huge goof-ball

If his awesome shorts with MTV journalist Josh Horowitz weren’t enough to prove this classically trained actor has quite the goofy side there was no denying it after his little stint on the Korean Saturday Night Live. On top of all that he never shies away from replying to funny things fans have made him like caricatures or jokes.

Someone get this man on SNL immediately – he can be a rap-tor (rapping raptor, get it?)!

4. Has a plethora of inspirational quotes hidden up his sleeve

GIF: Tumblr

Ever feeling a little down? Well there is one place you really need to go to get a little inspiration and that is any interview where Tom is asked about advice…or about anything really. The man gives some of the most heartfelt answers that will resonate deep within you. His words have inspired many of his fans, some even making websites dedicated to the things he says.

3. He loves his fans

GIF: Tumblr

As J.K. Rowling once said, “No story lives unless someone wants to listen,” and I think you can take that same quote and put it towards anyone’s acting career . It is, in part, because of Hiddleston’s fans that he has been able to accomplish some of what he has. Of course Hiddleston has the talent to take him places on his own – we can all see that – but it is the support from all of us that will continue to bring him above and beyond.

He follows fan accounts on Twitter, tries to meet as many as he can (I can attest to this, when I met him at Coriolanus he was only supposed to stay for 10 minutes; he stayed for 20 and was constantly apologising for not being able to stay longer), appreciates any form of artwork he inspires, and defends them when people call them fanatic (we’re “passionate”). He appreciates us, and that’s always what fans want to hear.

2. Shakespeare geek

William Shakespeare. Arguably the greatest playwright ever. He is also the other thing that Tom Hiddleston completely geeks out about. Able to quote him off the top of his head it is safe to say that Hiddleston is a little Shakespeare crazy. He’s even worked with another Shakespeare enthusiast in Kenneth Branagh who has said he would love to direct Hiddleston in Much Ado About Nothing (insert appropriate squeal here).

With his current gig on stage as one of Shakespeare’s latest and complex tragic stories, Coriolanus, he was able to come face to face with Shakespeare’s first folio (now insert appropriate shriek of envy) and you can see just how enthralled he is by the visit.

It is personally a dream of mine to sit in a pub with Hiddleston and geek out over Shakespeare over pints of beer – it’s a good dream isn’t it.

If you weren’t able to catch Hiddleston’s Shakespearean acting chops in Coriolanus there is always his performance in BBC’s Hollow Crown where he plays Prince Hal/Henry V. 

Below is a video from an interview where he gives a speech from Henry V: 

1. Just all around the nicest guy


And last, but certainly not least Tom Hiddleston is just an all around nice guy. He’s an supporter for UNICEF – went with them to Guinea – he is respectful, kind, funny, friendly, he is all the nice adjectives you can think of rolled into one awesome dude. Watch/read interviews, read fan encounters, look at pictures; there is no denying that Tom Hiddleston is one of the nicest actors/people out there.

I am proud to call myself a Hiddlestoner and on the behalf of 4YE we want to wish Mr. Hiddleston a very happy birthday!


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