Flashing Back To The Past: John Wesley Shipp has joined the cast of CW’s The Flash

Image: Warner Bros
Image: Warner Bros

The original TV Scarlet Speeder, John Wesley Shipp, will be joining the cast of CW’s incarnation of The Flash. Shipp is to have a recurring role on the show, though there are no rumors yet as to what his part he will play.

Former Glee warbler, Grant Gustin, has been introduced on Arrow as the new Barry Allen and the new Flash series will spinoff from there. Arrow writers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg will  be executive producers for The Flash pilot, joined by DC comic writer Geoff Johns.

Comic book loyalists have been less than enthused about the news of the Flash reboot, since most of those fans have been waiting for a Flash movie to arrive, and hopefully tie in with an eventual Justice League movie. However, in my opinion, the CW has done a fairly good job of taking on superhero origin stories and turning them into compelling and exciting shows, such as Smallville and Arrow.

Sure, there were changes made and things that weren’t in the comics that ended up in the shows, but that didn’t stop Zach Snyder from making Man of Steel, and I doubt that it will stop the DC powers that be from making a Flash movie whenever they get ready. At the end of the day, I’m a sucker for superheroes, plus Grant Gustin is a cutie, so I know I’ll be tuning in. What about you?

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