Flash Pilot Reveals Casting: Candice Patton to Play Potential Love Interest

Via TheColi
Via TheColi

The last time saw we saw Barry Allen on CW’s Arrow, he was struck by lightning and became (or at least we think he became) The Flash. We’ve known for a while that The Flash, played by Glee’s dashing ex-Warbler Grant Gustin, would be getting his pilot, but now we know what other faces will be appearing in the episode.

According to The Wrap, Candice Patton of The Game fame will be joining the pilot as a potential series regular, in the role of Iris West. Iris is described by The Wrap as fast-talking, clever and witty grad student, and Barry’s closest friend.

Guess we just need to wait for the “best friend” role to turn into that “love interest” role. Rest assured, the wait will probably be long and painful, but it will be worth it (but what about Felicity?)

Our “Bericity” feelings aside (what is their ship name?), Patton is pretty awesome in her own right. The actresses’ past credits include Tori on BET’s The Game, as well as roles on shows like CSI: Miami and Grey’s Anatomy and Rizzoli & Isles. Other recently announced new cast members of the upcoming pilot include Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, and Rent’s Jesse L Martin.

Sorry, did someone say a Martin and Gustin musical number would be out of place? Can’t hear you over how bad-ass that song would be. Nothing screams “kiss-super hero” like singing and saving lives at the same time.

Speaking of saving lives, that’s exactly what Barry Allen was doing when he was on Arrow. The story goes that Gustin was initially supposed to stay for a three-episode arc on Arrow, the final episode acting as a back-door pilot. However, unfortunately (see: fortunately) Gustin did such a great job with the first two episodes  that Arrow creators decided he deserved a pilot of his own.

Basically, we miss having Gustin on our screens, so words do not express how excited we are at the possibility of seeing him act his face off every single week…in superhero attire.

The pilot will be penned by  David Nutter, Greg Berlanti and Geoff Johns (Arrow and Smallville). Nutter and Berlanti will also executive produce with  Andrew Kreisberg. Melissa Kellner Berman is attached to the project as co-executive.

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