Five Reasons Why Dianna Agron Is An Idol For So Many People

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You may know Dianna Agron as the blonde cheerleader on Glee, but to me she’s so much more than that. Quite honestly, she’s an idol of mine and I’d like to tell you why she’s not just an idol to myself, but so many other people around the world.

Reason #1: Her ability to make any of her roles her own.

Photo Courtesy of Fox
Photo Courtesy of Fox

Dianna Agron has played many roles in her career from a bitchy cheerleader named Quinn Fabray to a badass girl in a mob family named Belle Blake. What I love about the roles that she plays is that no matter what she takes on she always manages to make the character likeable even when they originally weren’t supposed to be. According to Glee creator, Ryan Murphy, when speaking to Rolling Stone said “She was supposed to be the Cybill Shepherd, Last Picture Show c**t, so to speak, but she humanized it. She can cry at the drop of a hat. So now her character has a conscience, a soul and great vulnerability.” It says a lot about her that she can make a character change that much to the point that people love a character that they are supposed to hate.

Her standout role as Quinn Fabray was what caught the eye of one older fan Cindy, @mopoodlelady.

I’m one of those older Diannasaurs who finally watched Glee late in Season 1.  I noticed Quinn immediately–she stood out. There was something about the actress who portrayed Quinn that just made me watch. She had raw talent and I knew she was someone who would grow in acting and standout She wasn’t just another pretty face. After checking Dianna Agron out, I began to be impressed as she wasn’t just outwardly beautiful.  I discovered that her inner being was full of kindness, generosity, and wisdom and it just radiated outward, making her stunningly beautiful inside and out. She always has a smile on her face with her fans and treats them with the utmost respect and appreciation. “

Her appreciation for what she does is probably the reason she’s gotten as far as she has in the business and given her the opportunities that she has been presented with. Besides humanizing roles, she’s also good at making them stand out even when they’re surrounded by other outrageous characters. An example of one arguably her biggest standout role so far has to be her character in The Family, Belle Blake. Her character could have easily just been another high school bad girl that gets overshadowed but she wasn’t. She pulled out a performance that critics praised over. She didn’t just stand out with any old actors though, she stood out with two legendary actors in the mob genre in Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfieffer.

She stands out and makes the roles hers. She does what great actors and actresses can do and she makes her roles believeable, people you want to root for, and people you want to sympathize with.

Reason #2: Her Inside And Out Beauty

“She’s passionate. She’s weird. She’s so incredibly San Francisco and I’ve always been a fan of her work. Quirky. She laughs the loudest and smiles the widest. She’s inspiring. Her charity work and her love for animals. I’m a fan because I’ve never seen a celebrity as caring, supportive and nice as her. She genuinely loves her fans.” – Ashlye of @BeYourBreeze on Twitter

It’s safe to say that Dianna Agron is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful people. If you go through the Dianna Agron tag on twitter or tumblr I guarantee you’ll get many people who think she’s flawless and it’s hard to argue that fact. She is a beautiful woman, but honestly it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are on the outside if your inside isn’t just as beautiful. Lucky for Dianna however she’s just as beautiful if not more beautiful on the inside. She’s the type of person who looks to always bring the positive out in life. She looks like an adult, but honestly I think she has the heart of a child as she always tries to see the best in people.

Jenn of @Jennception  agrees as she told me in her reason for why Dianna is an idol to her. She said “I love her heart and how honest she is and she’s such a sweetheart and I love her childlike innocence and that she’s such a kid at heart. I love that she’s so giving and how much she loves her friends. She’s gorgeous and she has great taste in music and movies and she just seems awesome. So yeah, her heart, that’s what got me.”


Reason #3: Her Happy-Go-Lucky Attitude Towards Her Fans

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Any account that I’ve seen of fans that have met Dianna have looked to be nothing but positive experiences. I myself have never met her so I wanted to speak to a few people who have met her to see what impression they got of her and it’s safe to say they were all happy to share their great experiences:

First we have Jael of ItsJael_10 from twitter, who has had the pleasure of meeting her twice:

Dianna Agron is my idol simply because she’s literally the definition of beautiful inside and out. Might sound cliche but I can say by experiences encountering her 2 she’s been so delightful and pleasant to have met. The second time I met her the securities were yelling at her to go inside her car and so she did, but I asked her for an autograph and she literally got off her car to sign something for me and the 1st time I met her it was midnight after a long time of filming Glee back in 2012 and she still came to 12 fans who we’re waiting outside for her. And that is why she is my IDOL!

Photo Courtesy of Jael at @itsJael_10
Photo Courtesy of Jael at @itsJael_10

Then we have Nadia of @LiveLoveDianna who met Dianna through entering and winning the Bille Celebrity Charity Challenge at the end of 2012. Not only did she meet Dianna, but €25,000  was donated to one of Dianna’s favorite charities, Wildlife Waystation because of the contest she entered. Here is Nadia’s story:

As many of you know, I entered Dianna into the Bille Celeb Charity Challenge in September 2012 to win money for a charity Dianna had recently visited called Wildlife Waystation. It was based on fan votes and whoever got the most votes would get € 25,000 to the celeb’s charity. Needless to say the competition was fierce but we finally took it in December with over 100,000 votes (Thanks to all of you that voted btw)

I spent two hours with Dianna on Friday February 15th and it’s a day I’ll never forget. We talked about everything from Glee to Malavita. She told me about Arthur’s death, and how it had affected her. I cried when she told me and put my arms around Dianna. She told me she loved me and that I made sure to tell her that she had amazing fans, and that we did everything we did because she was such an inspiration. She told me that I was going to make her cry. I got around 5 hugs from her, and each one I just couldn’t contain my emotion. She’s truly a gift, and I hope that everyone that loves her as I do gets a chance to meet her.

Seeing her crouch and talk to the animals, and almost slip and fall (ADORABLE BTW) she stated that she always slipped but never actually fell. LOL! She laughed at herself because she makes weird noises when she’s taking pictures and I was like I don’t hear it, and she’s like you will. We take one more picture and I heard the noise and she looks at me and smiles and goes “SEE!” She growled and pretended to bite me when Alyson stated “She doesn’t bite!” because I was nervous and didn’t want to be all up in her grill. Her smiles, her genuine laughter, her beauty, all of it was just as amazing in person as it is through the TV, and internet.

As such a big fan, I feared meeting her and realizing that I had built her up in my head, but let me tell you, she’s BETTER in person. She’s the absolute best. She is everything.”

Photo Courtesy of Nadia at @LiveLoveDianna
Photo Courtesy of Nadia at @LiveLoveDianna


Reason #4: Her love of anything Quirky and Creative

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Dianna is the essence of quirky and creative from her fun fashion to her love of art. Her love of creativity spread so much that she created a little website called She describes the website as “an art collective. There’s enough negativity in this world to smother all of us into a state of infinite sadness. Why not counter that? That’s what this site is for. I hope it just does that.” She started the site mostly because of the huge following she got from her now retired tumblr account. People loved what she was posting and how she was able to help people discover new artists.

Without Dianna I’d honestly not have been introduced to some of the most amazing artists I’ve ever seen from artist Lexy Hulme to photography Claire Oring.

There is also a quirky side of Dianna that comes in the way of her kid at heart attitude, but old soul style.  Cindy spoke of how Dianna reminded her of someone with an old soul:

She is wise beyond her years, sweet, caring, a little dorky at times but oh so cute, yet classy, stylish, and always a lady.  She has this way about her that makes me smile and feel happy.  So that’s how an older person can still have idols, even youthful ones.”

That is one thing that I admire about Dianna is that she’s always one of the classiest ladies in Hollywood and goes out of her way to stay down to Earth in a world where many just want to stand out in the wrong ways. She chooses to stand out in Hollywood with her roles, and not with outrageous actions for the tabloids. She’s an inspiration to so many which leads to my last reason..

Reason #5: How she’s become an inspiration to so many people by just being herself.

Photo Collage Courtesy of Agron News
Photo Collage Courtesy of Agron News

Quite honestly she’s inspired so many people to do some amazing things.

One of the reasons that @PrepareAFace is such a fan of Dianna is because of all the charity work she’s done.

“I find Dianna an inspiring person because she is kind, caring, and quirky. She is not afraid to showcase the off-beat side of herself. Her charity work is also inspiring because it encompasses a wide range of causes: From animal rights to women’s issues to literacy.”

A few of Dianna’s fans have gone out of their way to put together special causes to raise money for some of Dianna’s favorite charities. I personally would like to applaud and recognize these ladies for raising over 82,000 dollars in honor of Dianna. Some of the founders of the causes include @Jennception, @LiveLoveDianna, @DiannaAgronArmy, @Cali4niaDreams, @ProjectLLR and to the other cause leaders: @PrepareAFace, @AgronNews, @Agroness. For the past two years  Project Let Love Reign has a Dianna Agron Birthday Project to raise money for a charity and this year they’ve announced that they will be raising money for 826LA. Dianna Agron herself actually just caught wind of the project and she’s once again let her heart of gold show with the following tweet:

You can read more about their cause/project here,  and since the project officially starts TODAY, you can head here and Donate!! In the past they’ve sold things like bracelets to calendars dedicated to Dianna with the proceeds going to the end goal, and while they haven’t said if they’ll be doing that this year I would look out for it 😉 Also look out for their contests as well!! There goal is 10,000 so please donate every dollar helps a great cause!

Agron hasn’t just inspired people to start projects to raise money for charity, she’s also inspired people to rethink their careers and find new passions in life. One fan Jenni, @jennismnyc1243, noticed the camera that Dianna had so she bought the same one just for fun, but the fun turned into so much more.

I wanted the same camera Dianna had which at the time was a D3100. So I got that one and just took pictures for fun. Then I actually got serious in like July 2012. Which lead to a certificate course in Canada and then I eventually moved down to San Francisco and now I’m getting a degree in photography.

It truly amazes and inspires me to see how one special lady can change the lives of so many people. She’s got a heart of gold and she’s honestly inspired me a lot this past year. She’s inspired me to be a a better more positive person and I’m nothing but grateful for how she’s inspired my life and also brought so great friends into my life.

She’s not only inspired me but so many others, but I think Ashlye of @BeYourBreeze said it best “She reminded me to Be Love and to Let Love In. On those days when I just want to rip into everything, I remind myself of this and it makes all the difference. Be helpful. Be appreciative. Notice the little thing.”

Thank you for reading my Dianna Agron Fan Love Fest. If you weren’t a fan I hope I’ve shown you a side of her that you might not have seen before, and if you were a fan I hope you continue to love and support her.

I’ll leave you with this simple but sweet reason for being a Dianna fan from Bill, @mrbillyadon.

I’m a Dianna fan simply because I see a genuine person in that body. Not a front for anyone, just genuineness

Keep Up with Dianna on her Twitter!

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  1. I have to say that I loved what I read and that I were a fan of Dianna, but now I’m a person who knows has the biggest lucky in the world for just been introduced to this woman who is beyond from any word to try and describe her. I can’t be impressed easly but with Dianna I couldn’t ignore what a real gift she is, and she has inspired me like nobody else ever did to take care of my life and fowoll what really makes me happy.
    She is my IDOL and for that i’m eternally grateful

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