Five Reasons Why A Firefly Revival Needs To Happen

Photo: Seriable
Photo: Seriable

Browncoats can get their hopes up once again as Firefly producer Tim Minear has posited the idea of reviving the cult-favourite sci-fi show for a ‘limited run,’ during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Joss Whedon’s short-lived show was cancelled after eleven of the fourteen episodes in the first season aired in 2002, however since cancellation the show has amassed such a large cult following that it led to Whedon and Universal Pictures producing the 2006 film Serenity.

Minear is certainly in support of a Firefly reboot, but he’s also aware of the reality of situation. “I would love it – it would be great,” he said. “It’s just trying to co-ordinate everybody’s obligations so they could somehow participate.” Minear is currently working on American Horror Story while Whedon is working on Avengers: Age of Ultron and Nathan Fillion (who plays Mal- Malcolm Reynolds our esteemed cap’n) is tied up with ABC’s Castle.

While Fillion was reported saying that fans shouldn’t hold their breaths over a Serenity sequel it doesn’t mean that us Browncoats can’t continue to hope and wait for a revival. Just look at the Marshmellows (fans of Veronica Mars) whose waiting and hoping has served them very well! Although our movie’s already been and gone, but let’s not dwell on the past and look forward to a bright future that could possibly see a Firefly revival. Yes, rather than think about the way Serenity ends and how busy all the important cast members and the brains behind the project are, think about why Firefly definitely needs to come back, even if it’s just for a limited run.

Five Reasons Why Firefly Needs To Come Back. (Even if it’s just for a limited run.)

5. Wash and Shepherd

Something broke in me after the events of Serenity. Now if Firefly were to be rebooted, I imagine the show would be set after the events of Serenity so I would like to see how our characters, especially Zoe, are faring after such loss.

4. Kaylee and Simon’s Relationship

Kaylee and Simon may have finally gotten together in Serenity but we didn’t really get to explore their relationship afterwards. Wash and Zoe had a very strong relationship that made for good secondary plots. While Wash and Zoe were a married couple, and an amazing one at that, I would like to see how a younger relationship would fare aboard Mal’s ship.

3. More Badass River Tam!

Remember that episode where River basically kicked butt and everyone was left watching on in complete and utter awe? Some of my favourite scenes from the show and the movie were any and all that involved River demonstrating her unique skill-set.

2. Inara and Mal

The sexual tension caused by the entire ‘will they won’t they’ scenario between Inara and Mal, who were obviously perfect for each other, needs to be resolved. Mal and Inara were always kidding around their obvious attraction and one of the main reasons the show needs to be revived is to give the fans OTP and ENDGAME SHIP a chance.

1. Just because, okay?

The show was unfairly cut too gorram short too gorram fast, barely even given a chance to survive. The movie left every single fan of the show devastated however with a limited series run, we could definitely be placated.

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