First Photo From 24: Live Another Day And Jack Might Return For Another Day

Photo courtesy of EW/Fox
Photo courtesy of EW/Fox

Jack is back and he’s bringing his friends and frenemies along for maybe more than just one extra day. If the above first photo from the season is an indication of what’s in store for us this May, I already want more.

In an interview with IGN, 24’s Executive Producer, Howard Gordon, said the show could continue beyond the recently announced 24: Live Another Day in a second limited-run series or even a feature film. However, that depends on the success of the newest installment and having more story to tell.

Live Another Day picks up four years after the end of series 8. While some of the 12-episode season will feel familiar (political unrest, plenty of shooting, Jack Bauer being a complete badass, etc), new elements are also coming in to play. The limited-run series will not document every hour like each previous season did and the setting has switched to the U.K. rather than America.

Anticipation is high for the return of Jack (Sutherland), Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and the brand of counterterrorism only 24 can offer, but Gordon feels they are up to the task.

“Look, [Jack] has a lot of scorched earth behind him as a character,” he said. “But we sort of embraced the mythic aspect of Jack’s character. The idea of him being a fugitive and also being somewhere else and wanting to come home felt like an emotional framework that we could work inside.” The four years haven’t been kind to Chloe either. Gordon describes her as now a cross between Lisbeth Salander and Edward Snowden, having spent the past years working for a WikiLeaks-type organization.

”I’m more hardened,” Rajskub told EW. ”I’ve seen more of the world. When you pick up with me, I’ve completely turned against the government.” Explaining her new Lisbeth-inspired look, she said, ”It’s a very dark, very damaged look. It’s a bit of an FU to the world.”

Joining Sutherland and Rajakub are 24 newcomers Yvonne Strahowski (who has espionage experience from her stint on Chuck), Stephen Fry, Benjamin Bratt, Tate Donovan, Michael Wincott and Michelle Fairley. We’ll also see the return of Kim Raver as Jack’s damaged former love, Audrey Raines, and her father, played by William Devane. There’s also the potential to see fan favorite, Glenn Morshower as the beloved Agent Aaron Pierce.

24: Live Another Day premieres May 5 at 8 p.m. on Fox.


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