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Photo courtesy of AMC


Last week’s episode (Pst! You can read the recap here!) of The Walking Dead gave us a chance to see what Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Tyreese and everyone else that we lost track of at the prison was up to. The group all seems to be kind of circling around each other but have yet to run into one another. Did Sunday night’s episode change all of that? Keep reading to find out in our recap from this week!

We begin the episode seeing that Tara and Glenn definitely hitched a ride with who we will come to know as Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. We also get a taste of Abraham killing zombies all while adorning a smile upon his face. He absolutely loves it. Not in a scary-bunny-mutilating Lizzie way but more of a this is what needs to be done way. The guy knows what he’s doing!

Photo courtesy of AMC
Photo courtesy of AMC

Carl, Michonne and Rick are still hanging out in the houses that they happened upon and continue gathering supplies that they need. Rick wants to get back in the action of gathering and helping provide for people but Michonne talks him into taking it easy for at least one more day since he was recently on the verge of becoming a walker. It seems as if the show is trying to create some sort of sexual tension between Michonne and Rick and quite frankly, that needs to stop before it even starts. No thank you, please.

Michonne and Carl head out around the different houses in the neighborhood to recover supplies. I really like the relationship that these two have formed. Carl seems to really be able to be more of a kid around Michonne rather than always being a little meanie when he’s around his dad. Michonne reveals to Carl that she used to have a child and he begins asking her all kinds of questions. She promises to answer the questions for every room he clears in the house they’re in. Carl is able to clear some rooms and find out a lot more about Michonne’s life before the apocalypse, including her son’s name and if she had more than one or not. He tells her that her secret if safe with him and it’s actually precious. I don’t know why I love it so much. I think it’s just because Carl’s real mom sucked terribly and it’s just nice to see him actually being kind to someone instead of being a raging bratface.

Meanwhile, Rick is resting up and reading in the house he thought was safe but is woken up from his nap by some talking and hollering coming from downstairs. Rick decides to hide somewhere that no one would ever look, which is of course, underneath the bed. He has a close call when a man enters the room he’s in, walks around for a bit and then decides that he’ll have a bit of a nap on top of the bed that Rick is under. One of man’s friends comes in to see him sleeping and the two men get into a fist fight over the bed and who should be able to sleep in it. The fight ends with one man either being choked to death or put in a sleeper hold right before Rick’s eyes. Either option is good for Rick because the guy actually saw him under the bed and would definitely rat him out if he were conscious.

Not knowing that there are apparently other survivors in the same neighborhood that they are in, Michonne and Carl continue their trek through houses. Still in the same house they were in before, Michonne enters into a room that appears to be a child’s bedroom which makes your heart hurt a little bit given the information she just told to Carl regarding her past. Through that room, she finds another and walks in but what she finds is a bit more daunting. She stumbles upon a room filled with a dead family, parents and children alike. The sight of it all seems to startle her and make here uneasy. Carl comes to her rescue only to reassure her that he’s sure that his presumably dead sister, Judith, and her son, Andre, are somewhere together now. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THEM?!?

Back on the truck with Abraham’s crew, Tara and Glenn, Glenn wakes up and wonders where they are. They’ve been driving for quite some time so Tara actually has no clue. Glenn wants to get off the truck and get back to finding Maggie. Abraham finally let’s Glenn in on what mission him, Rosita and Eugene have planned. Abraham tells Glenn that they are heading to Washington D.C. because Eugene is a scientist and he knows EXACTLY what caused this mess. Now, Eugene doesn’t exactly look like a scientist. I mean, he’s rocking one hell of a mullet. We won’t completely rule him out yet though, maybe he just likes that style!

Photo courtesy of AMC
Photo courtesy of AMC

As almost anyone would, Glenn asks the question of what happened to which Eugene tells him it’s classified. Abraham claims that they have been communicating with people in Washington on a satellite phone. However, the people on the other end haven’t picked up in weeks. That’s when they decided to travel there in hopes of being able to contact them again as well as work on a way of fixing this. Glenn keeps moving on because he’s hell bent on finding and being with Maggie but Abraham will not let it go that he believes that she is dead. He gives Glenn a whole speech about it is very, very unlikely that he is going to find her and he needs to move on from it and make something of his life now. If you know how much Glenn loves Maggie, then you know that Glenn decided it would be wise to haul off and punch a massive former sergeant right in the face. The two begin fighting in the road when mullet man Eugene sees a lot of walkers approaching. No one will listen to his warnings and unfortunately was forced to take matters into his own hands and begins unloading his gun on the lot of them. Through all of the gunfire, one of them manages to hit the gas tank on the truck they were driving which is leading to them having absolutely no way of getting to D.C. Abraham tries to fix the truck but it’s just not going to happen so him, Eugene and Rosita decide to hit the road with Tara and Glenn, heading in the opposite direction that they were originally going.

Back in the world of the unluckiest man alive, Rick manages to crawl out from under the bed he was under only to go into another room, continually putting himself at risk of being spotted by the marauders. Trying to be stealthy, Rick moves from room to room upstairs, failing to be able to open any windows, however, manages to avoid all of the intruders except for the one that is in the bathroom. It’s cool though because even if Rick is severely injured, he manages to kill the man silently, snag his gun and finally get a damn window open in that house. Rick makes it off the roof and is about to kill one of the bandits, however, the man heads back into the house before meeting his untimely death. This allows Michonne, Carl and Rick to be able to flee safely out of town. The route that they end up taking out of town just happens to be along some railroad tracks. Sound familiar? Well it should because it was the same tracks that Tyreese, crazy Lizzie, Mika and Carol were on. I was wondering if they were going to find signs for the sanctuary that Carol and company were heading to and sure enough, they did! It was then that the credits rolled.

Somewhat of a tame episode in terms of action or anything mind-blowing but it was still a solid episode. We got to see my new favorite friendship between Michonne, Carl and the crazy cheese she was trying to get him to eat as well as my new favorite character, Abraham. I think the episodes in the coming weeks are going to keep getting more and more interesting and intriguing because we are going to be dealing with a lot of different possibilities of things happening. With both Carol and Rick’s crews heading to the sanctuary, or Terminus, how is that confrontation going to turn out? Last time we saw Rick and Carol together, he was telling her to buzz off. Not only will the shock of seeing her probably blow his mind but seeing her alongside Tyreese will probably just make him pass out, honestly.

Other things to look forward to in the week’s ahead, in my opinion, would be: the Glenn/Maggie reunion, see which of our prisoner survivors meet up together first after being separated, finding out more about ‘ol Abe, Rosita, Eugene and their past and journey that they have had during the apocalypse thus far, Daryl/Carol reunion (please let this happen!) and everyone finding out Lizzie is insane.

Anything you guys are looking forward to seeing? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments! Until then, please enjoy the preview for next week’s brand new episode of The Walking Dead!

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