Feeling The Need For Speed: Tom Hiddleston Shows Off His Adorkable Side On Top Gear

Image: Mark Yeoman
Image: Mark Yeoman

Ultimate big screen Marvel baddie, suave Jaguar driving debonair, total driving nerd? That last part seems a bit off when one thinks of Tom Hiddleston, the latest import that the fair country of Britain has sent over to the States. Hiddleston has made quite the name for himself for being an utterly charming and smooth presence both on-screen and off-screen.


This past Sunday, however, fans of the classically trained British actor were treated to another side as he made his debut on Top Gear The actor chatted with the show’s host for a bit about his career, offering up some hilarious impressions as well, which he is known to do. Hiddleston then gave the track a go with some hilarious results which you can see below (nice specs, Mr. Hiddleston):


Fans were also treated to a behind the scenes video of Hiddleston’s time on Top Gear as well. Check out the footage below:

Top Gear has been known for creating some spectacularly memorable moments with its guests. Past segments have featured Hiddleston’s best friend Benedict Cumberbatch (he too had a blast during his time) and Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville.

Hiddleston’s Top Gear appearance will be airing stateside on February 17th on BBC America. In the meantime, the British thespian will be wrapping up his run on Coriolanus in the coming few weeks before setting off to Toronto to start filming the thriller Crimson Peak


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