Fashion of Revenge: The Best Looks of Charlotte Grayson This Season

Photo courtesy of BuddyTV
Photo courtesy of BuddyTV

Revenge has made it’s mark as one of the most fashionable on television right now (up in the rankings with Scandal). Of course, being a show about the Hampton elite (and revenge, death, scheming and fun stuff like that), you expect everyone to be dressed to the nines. Thankfully when it comes to fashion, Revenge never disappoints. This is largely thanks to the shows phenomenal costume designer Jill Ohanneson.

Ohanneson always ensures that Victoria Grayson is sporting killer dress, that Emily Thorne is clad in a chic tight dress, and the boys…oh the boys… We are forever grateful to this costume designer for making sure the men of the show are almost always running around in tux’s or at least extremely well tailored suit jackets.

One character’s wardrobe in particular stands out this year, and that’s Charlotte Grayson, played by Christa B. Allen. Ohanneson and Revenge’s writers have given the younger Grayson’s wardrobe a drastic makeover, and we love it. Charlotte has certainly developed over Revenge’s three years. After her stint in Europe Charlotte is more mature, stronger, edgier, and (gasp) she has bangs. This season Charlotte got a serious makeover, as she finally made the change from cute vibrant prints and feminine frills to edgy and chic dresses and swanky printed pants.


Look below to see our favourite Charlotte Grayson outfits from this season. Pictures courtesy of InStyle. 


Up until this season, Charlotte rarely wore pants, and no that is not an allusion to her previously scandalous activities. The youngest Grayson wowed in the first episode of the season when she showed up wearing a chic black fitted blazer and printed black and white printed pants. Her splash of colour, her blue tank top, pulls together the outfit and makes it pop.


Possibly our favourite look  of the season is the dress Charlotte wore to her brothers wedding. Refined and elegant, yet edgy rocker-chic, this look is a great representation of Charlotte’s style and attitude this season. The cut out manages to be sleek and classy while giving the dress sex appeal.


Although a more toned down look, this black dress with black and white detail is trendy and simple. Charlotte always wows in tightly fitted dressed that show off her stellar curves. She is wearing a lot more black this year, giving off the vibe that she is adult and tough, not the immature but well meaning school girl she was in prior seasons.


Again, Charlotte in pants. This season Charlotte is swapping the girly dresses for more adult and fashion forward tapered pants. Her embroidered top is particularly casual but flattering as the embroidered detail makes a fashion statement all the same. 

Charlotte has gone from frills and pleats to more sophisticated intricate designs The geometric detail on this dress displays Charlotte’s grown up style, and makes us thankful she is no longer frilly in pink, but a fashion forward member of the elite.


This season Charlotte definitely upped her jacket game. This black studded jacket is stylish and is a definite hint at her more mature side this year. She is starting to take after her mother, and has really started to dress to the occasion when scheming or putting a plan into action.


Proof of the previous statement, this dress looks like a number her mother would wear. Between her scheming and evolving style, Charlotte is more like Victoria every episode. We don’t hate it. Charlotte has become as strong willed and ruthless as her mother, and that can be a good thing. It has definitely inspired her to mature her wardrobe and embrace intricate detail on dresses. Red is a good look for Charlotte.


Animal print only really works if done right, and this snakeskin print wrap dress was done perfectly. The deep neckline is flattering to Christa Allen’s figure and fits perfectly on her body. Although animal print can be loud and obnoxious, done right it can be subtle and sexy – like this dress.  This dress is definitely one of Charlotte’s best picks.

This maxi black and white dress  is classy and casual – the look Charlotte has really mastered this year. The black and white tie together the look that is more flirty and fun than her other outfits. Still, the colours and print gives her that edge she craves this season.


Once again, Charlotte flocks to black and white patterns. There’s just something with Charlotte and two-tone printed dresses. This pattern is one of our favourites, the contrast of black and white only heightened by the details. The red belt stands out and ties the outfit together nicely. It also separates the white on black top of the dress with the black on white bottom. This is a dress we would love to steal.


Nothing screams day-time classy like white wide leg suit pants. While suit pants (especially white) can be overwhelming on someone so young, the look is pulled off expertly with the inclusion of the bustier and the chunky necklace. The outfit is youthful and stylish.

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