Fans Treated To Brand New Captain America Footage

Photo: Marvel
Photo: Marvel

It seems I was once again not in the right audience at the right time. Fans that turned up to see Marvel’s latest one-shot, All Hail the King, Monday night were treated to the first ten minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

All Hail the King stars Ben Kingsley, reprising his Trevor Slattery role from Iron Man 3. A special screening of the 13-minute short as well as a Q&A with Kingsley, producer Kevin Feige and screenwriter Drew Pearce was held at Hollywood’s Arclight theater. The short will also appear on the Thor: The Dark World blu-ray and digital download.

About the short films, which, like after credits scenes, have become an expectation from Marvel fans, Pearce said simply, “The Marvel one-shots are honestly just a labor of love.”

As for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as Entertainment Weekly says, “it definitely packs a punch.”

Warning: minor spoilers to follow.

The film begins with Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) training in Washington, D.C. where he repeatedly laps Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). The two strike up a conversation when their respective workouts are finished and Rogers jots down a record that Wilson suggests he listen to. Cap is keeping a lengthy list of pop culture bits to catch up on, everything from Steve Jobs to Star Wars, which he’s already watched (it’s crossed off the list). Their chat is cut short when Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) pulls up in a sleek black Corvette and then she and Rogers are off on a covert mission.

The footage now picks up where audiences at the D23 Expo saw it, with Romanoff and Rogers on a plane above the Indian Ocean. They joke about Cap’s nonexistent love/social life and he shuts the conversation down by jumping out of the plane. Without a parachute. He lands in the water and climbs aboard a ship where he begins their rescue op by taking out every guard in sight in increasingly badass ways. Eventually, Romanoff and their team join Rogers on the ship and head off to rescue some hostages.

Co-director Joe Russo described the action sequence this way on Slash Film, “This is a more brutal Captain America — a one-man black ops squad. There’s no dialogue in this sequence; just fighting. Cap’s fighting techniques are way more modern than the last time we saw him. He’s learned new moves; the action in general is much more hard-hitting and intense.”

By all accounts, this footage points toward the Captain America sequel being a strong addition to Marvel’s continuing line of Avengers films. The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4.

Stephanie Coats