Get Caught Up And “Turn To Stone” On Lost Girl

Image: Syfy
Image: Syfy

Previously on Lost Girl, Dyson found Bo, Lauren was kidnapped, and Tamsin turned into a teenager.

This is not how I usually do my recaps, I just wanted to do a quick rundown.

So what went on with everyone?

Bo and Kenzi

–          Bo was harassed all episode by a gargoyle and near the end it was revealed to belong to the Una Mens. When she pays them a visit, they tell her that she’s Dark.

–          Massimo steals Bo and Kenzi’s stuff and holds it until Kenzi pays him back. Kenzi is also nearly kidnapped by his men, but Bo rescues her in time. Massimo sends Kenzi and Bo to Lauren’s apartment, trapping them there.

–          While they’re at Lauren’s, Bo and Kenzi get a chance to talk and Kenzi tells her about Dyson and wanting to be Fae. Kenzi is tired of feeling helpless and wants to be able to help. Bo gets mad about Dyson, but they work it out in the end.


–          Lauren is kidnapped by Fae, who want her to diagnose an Elder. At the end of the episode, she gets released but we don’t know who’s on the other side of the door.

–          We find out more about Lauren’s past; she and her brother were eco-terrorists who used to blow up pipelines. She would make the bombs and her brother would place them, the last time she did, 11 people died. She ran and has no idea where her brother is.

–          We also find out that Kenzi taught Lauren how to pick a lock, which is useful information


–          Throughout the episode Tamsin kept calling herself a monster and ugly, Bo was the one to convince her otherwise. So point for Bo/Tamsin shippers.

–          Tamsin grows up halfway through the episode, leaving her as a target for Massimo. Her hair is extremely valuable, so he kidnaps her to get some of it. When Bo rescues Tamsin, Tamsin almost kills Massimo, but Bo stops her.

–          When Tamsin sprouts wings, we find out that means she’s on her last life.


–          Dyson plays babysitter to Tamsin for a while and she proves to be useful in looking through phone records. She finds a number that he thinks will help find Lauren.

–          He has a conversation with Tamsin where he tells her he missed out on his shot with Bo, so at least he’s acknowledging that Lauren and Bo are more of a thing.

–          At the end of the episode, Dyson leaves to find Lauren.


Bo: Strangers were in our home! Strangers with great taste in thrift shop furniture!

Bo: Take our things but you will NOT take my Kenzi

Bo: What? You’re into getting zip tied now?

Bo: Oh yeah, just hanging out in my ex’s apartment, finding weird shit.

Kenzi: She’s just a baby, she doesn’t even know how to twerk yet!