Who’s Grieving On This Week’s Episode Of Bitten?

Photo courtesy of SyFy
Photo courtesy of SyFy



So, Peter’s death last week hit the Pack just as hard as it hit us (and it hit us hard). In this week’s Bitten, Elena and Logan have returned to Stonehaven to grieve for Peter with the rest of the pack. While they have a toast in memory of Peter, the mutt responsible for Peter’s murder trespasses onto the Stonehaven property. Alerted by a howl, the Pack take after him for revenge. They lose the scent but they find that the mutt has left Peter’s jacket behind to taunt them.

Logan meets Elena in the dining room with a cup of coffee. Elena confides to Logan that the truth of what happened to Peter and the loss that she is feeling is something else that she has to hide from her human lover Philip back in Toronto.

Elena meets Jeremy in the forest, where he is scattering Peter’s ashes. Through an exchanged of some rather forced sounding dialogue (“Such a force of life reduced to just a handful of ashes,” anyone?) we learn that Elena attended her parents’ funeral when she was five years old. Despite Jeremy’s assurances that she will “always have people here who love you and want to take care of you”, Elena returns to her “I don’t belong here” defence, which, as a plot device, is wearing a bit thin, and insists they should be searching for Peter’s murder for revenge.

We hear the sounds of a werewolf changing back to human, see him dressing himself, and he is revealed as a new werewolf that we haven’t met yet.

Meanwhile, in the forests of Stonehaven, Clay comes to comfort an grieving, angry Elena. Instead of talking, Clay (pursuing his own agenda, like usual) suggests they run as wolves and begins to strip (yes, more Clay bum!). Elena joins him, they run as wolves, share a moment where Clay pounces on Elena, but she breaks the eye contact and runs off.

Jeremy meets with the local sheriff, who determines that the body of the child, although murdered by an animal, had been disturbed and moved onto Stonehenge property.

Elena and Clay are lying side by side, sleeping naked in the forest. Elena strokes Clay’s chest in her sleep, he turns over, and they kiss. Elena wakes up, and, in shock, leaves. Talk about awkward.

Elena returns to Stonehaven shirtless, followed by Clay, who elected to remain naked. We get to see Nick and Logan greet them, which gives Nick a chance to deliver a few of his humourous lines. He’s such a great and funny character, but hasn’t had a lot of moments in this episode.

Elena gets a call from Philip. When he offers to come down to attend the funeral with her, she distracts him without actually saying no. While Elena is on the phone, Antonio and Jeremy meet, and Jeremy airs his guilt over Peter’s death, saying “There’s a part of me that wants to slaughter every last one….it happened because I was complacent.”

The sheriff, becoming more suspicious of the Danvers family, consults with her predecessor, who suggests to investigate them more closely.

While Clay and Elena head into town to hunt down the mutt, Antonio disguises himself as a government agent and visits Peter’s old coworker to cover Peter’s disappearance.

While searching the mutt’s motel room, Clay finds guy’s body spray in the bathroom, something he calls a “rookie mistake”, since it temporary kills the olfactory senses of werewolves. Having been a victim of one to many Axe fights in my high school years, I’m pretty sure it does the same thing to humans too. Elena finds a scrapbook full of news clippings of unsolved murders and mementos from the victims of Thomas LeBlanc…the new mutt werewolf. It turns out that Peter wasn’t the first person that this new mutt has killed. Scott Brandon, the mutt killed at the rave in the last episode was wanted for a string of rapes and murders. Someone has been taking serial killers and turning them into werewolves.

Elena and Clay’s search is interrupted by the arrival of Thomas LeBlanc himself, alongside old Pack enemy Zachary Cane and opportunist Karl Marsten. Elena and Clay make a narrow escape with the scrapbook, using the cologne to disguise their scent and cover their tracks. They are unable to figure out who is converting these new mutts, as Cane is too dumb and Marsten is too much of a loner to come up with this plan.

Meanwhile, Logan who is back in Toronto for a conference he will be speaking at, has a visit in his home from Daniel Santos, a blue-blooded ex-Pack member who carries a grudge against Clay, Logan and the rest of the pack.

Elena and Clay take Nick, Antonio, and Jeremy back to the mutt’s motel room, where the door is rigged to a gun as a trap for anyone who opens it. The group evade the gun, to find Peter’s missing finger in a glass, and the words “I’m coming for my scrapbook, bitch” carved into the wall. An enraged Elana snarls, “Let him try.”

As a fan of the books, it’s great to see Laura Vandervoort’s, Elena become a little more like how she is in Kelley Armstrong’s novel. She’s done away with the heels and the dresses, and has started to dress a little more casual and thrown together, and isn’t afraid to take charge and refuse to be dominated and controlled by the male members of her pack. It would be great to get the dialogue sounding a little more natural, and there isn’t too much you can do about the CGI werewolves. However, Elena’s protests of “not belonging here” and “Toronto is my home” are starting to sound less like a woman trying to remove herself from what she sees as a toxic environment and more like the scriptwriters endeavouring to remind us repeatedly of her motivations. As for Clay, it was nice to see a more tender side of him in the forest when he and Elena shared a kiss, but I am hopeful for some more character development, and a shift away from his mopey attitude about Elena to also communicate how he feels about his Packmates being threatened and the loss of a Pack brother.