Final Divergent Trailer Released: What Should You Know After Watching It?

Photo Courtesy of IMDB
Photo Courtesy of IMDB

If you’re a fan of the Divergent book series, like myself, then you’re probably ecstatic upon hearing that they are making a movie for the best selling book series.  I’ve been waiting to see how they’d bring the book series to life, and from the sneak peeks and teaser trailers, I’ve been practically salivating waiting to catch a real glimpse of the film (as a teaser just isn’t enough). And finally, our wishes have been answered as the full length trailer was premiered last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live as the film’s stars, Shailene Woodley and Theo James, stopped by to surprise everyone with the new trailer.

I got the chance to see the trailer when it premiered on the show last night and I was not disappointed. It was packed with action and gave you just enough to make you still want to more.

Before we get to the trailer rundown, here’s what you can expect from the film with it’s official synopsis:

“In a future world where people are divided into distinct factions based on their personalities, Tris Prior is warned she is Divergent and will never fit into any one group. When she discovers a conspiracy to destroy all Divergents, she must find out what makes being Divergent so dangerous before it’s too late.”

Watch the trailer here, and check out my rundown of the top moments of the trailer and what they might mean for the film below:

17 seconds in: Showing the factions for the first time in the trailer. The factions are Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), and Eruidite (the knowledgeable). In the book they described the five factions and how they looked, but seeing it visually made it easier to see how each faction stood out.

20 seconds in: First look at Jeanine Matthews, the Eruidite leader… did I mention she’s played by the legendary Kate Winslet… because she is and I’m totally excited to see her in this role and Jeanine is supposed to be the villann.

26 seconds in: We have Tris, Shailene Woodley,  voice over telling us how everyone is tested to find out what faction they are supposed to be in… which leads to…

33 seconds in: Tris’s mother asks Tris if she’s nervous to which she replies no.. because of course someone who’s going to take a test to find out where they’ll be spending the rest of their life won’t be nervous at all..and she might have said she wasn’t but her face said she was, as did the voiceover saying she was terrified.

38 seconds in: Tris is in the seat for the “test” which has Tori Wu, played by Nikita’s Maggie Q, inserting a serum into her neck which puts Tris into an alternate reality test world where she has to make choices. Making certain choices are what determines what faction she should go into, which not choosing the other choices determines which faction you shouldn’t be in.

46 seconds in: We see Tris in a room of what looks to be mirrors and a dog going to attack her. Her first “choice” is what will she do when the dog goes to attack her? What she does is supposed to be one of the determining factors as to what faction she should be in.

54 seconds in: Tris is told that her results were inconclusive, meaning there wasn’t just one faction that stood out for her. The name for this is of course, Divergent. Maggie Q’s character tells her “You’re able to conquer your fears, They call it Divergent”

1 minute 7 seconds in: We see a woman say “If you don’t fit into a category, they can’t control you” meaning if you don’t fit exactly into one of their factions, they won’t know what to expect from you since they can essentially, think for themselves.

1 minutes 15 seconds in: We see Tris looking over the side of a building looking into a giant hole in the ground and than jumping off the building into the hole where netting catches her. This was one of my favorite parts of the book as it was after she’d chosen Dauntless  and this one of the ‘initiations’ for getting into Dauntless to get to their “headquarters”. also a badass moment for Tris as she was the first Dauntless transfer initiate to jump.

1 minute 23 seconds in: Tris meets Four, played by Theo James, for the first time as he welcomes her to Dauntless. This is just their first interaction and i have two thoughts: one Theo is a hottie and two Shailene is one lucky lady to play his love interest.

1 minute 28 seconds in: A man tells the new initiates that “We will be watching to see who you really are”. I’m not really sure who the guy is, but what he says is important as it goes with their 3 stage initiation which is talked about in the book.

1 minute 32 seconds in: We see and hear Tori telling Tris that she made a mistake choosing Dauntless. This is a mistake because its supposed to make Tris more likely to be found out as Divergent.

1 minute 34 seconds in: Four is throwing a knife at Tris who is standing against a wall that has a target of sorts behind her. This was another memorable scene for me in the book, so im really excited to see the full scene since this little teaser makes it look just as intense as in the book.. of course it involves knife-throwing so it has to be a little intense anyways.

1 minute 40 seconds in: Tris is training and Four comes over to her looking like he’s about to help her but instead says “I know what you are?”. Now whether this will be him telling her he knows she’s divergent or not is up for grabs, but what i do know is the chemistry between the two is practically oozing off the screen.

1 minute 42 seconds in: Tris and Four are climbing to the top of the ferris wheel, and Tris tells Four he’s afraid of heights, to which he replies “everyone’s afraid of something”. Another scene i can’t wait to see the full version of. The ferris wheel scene is part of a ‘capture the flag’ game and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

1 minutes 46 seconds in: We get Four voiceover a continuation of him speaking to Tris when he says everyone’s afraid of something.. “but not you. Fear doesn’t shut you down, it wakes you up. That’s what makes you dangerous”

1 minute 51 seconds in: Four is taking his shirt off as Tris stands watching, and I’m sure no girl in the theatre will have a problem with seeing a shirtless Theo James. Under his shirt is revealed to be very large tattoo on his back that Tris touches, running her hand down the tattoo.

1 minute 56 seconds in: Jeanine is telling Tris that “no one will be safe until they are removed”, ‘they’ meaning the ‘divergent’. This will obviously worry and inspire a lot of Tris’s actions throughout the film to protect her identity as a divergent.

1 minute 58 seconds in: Tris says ‘She’s going to kill me” meaning, Jeanine is going to kill me since she obviously has to know I’m divergent.

2 minutes 1 seconds in: Four tells Tris that they have to be ready for anything. Now whether he actually knows Tris is Divergent, and is trying to protect her I don’t know, but that would be my guess based on the millisecond clip.

2 minutes 4 seconds in: We hear Jeanine telling someone that the world is changing they have to decide who they are going to be loyal too, and this turns into voice over as we get a clip of Tris and Four making out.. So guess this means Four and Tris trust each other?

2 minutes 10 seconds: We hear and see Tris saying “All of my life I’ve lived by your rules…” leaving a pause to finish the statement we than get clips of Tris practicing knife throwing, and being locked in a box filling up with water that she’s can’t escape from. As she takes her last breathe in the water we hear the finish of the statement “…not anymore”. So Tris is becoming a rule breaker? How very bad-ass of her. Does this mean she’s going to try and change everything that she’s known? well that seems to be the case.

2 minutes 18 seconds: She’s still in the glass box filled with water and we see Tris tap on the glass making it crack and shatter letting the water and herself flow out of the box. If you’ve read the book you know that this is part of Tris when she’s in the simulation test, and that this was one of her choices of how to get out of the situation..But her choice was a little too out of the box that time..

That’s the basics of the trailer, and I couldn’t fit every single detail of the trailer in this, but trust me its worth your while to watch the trailer for yourself. Check out the film when it hits theaters on March 21, 2014.

Heather O'Connell