Catch Up With Us: The Inspiration Behind Orphan Black

Photo courtesy of BBC
Photo courtesy of BBC

With season two of Orphan Black just a little over two months away, the show has been dropping bits of information about the upcoming season over past few months. More recently in the past few weeks than before, which means it’s time for us to play catch up! 

Warning! Insert siren noise here Some minor season one and two spoilers ahead! Also, for those who haven’t seen season one, turn around and go watch it now (please)!

First on the list is the name of the opening episode for season two. Last season, all of the episodes were inspired by the works of Charles Darwin, namely from On the Origin of Species. For season two, it appears as if they will be going with titles that have been derived from Sir Francis Bacon. The first episode of season two will be called “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed,” originally from Bacon’s Plan of the Work which was published in 1620.

Towards the end of last year, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, we learned that season two will be taking off with Sarah trying to find out where Kira is and who actually took her. We’ll also see Sarah go head to head with the most recent clone, Rachel. Show creators, Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, also mentioned that we will  be diving into all of the lives of the clones a bit more than we did last season and this includes Rachel the Pro-Clone. We’ll be able to see how she came to work for Aldous Leekie and all the different layers to her character. If she’s anything like the rest of the ladies on the show, we know she’ll be very interesting and complex.

Photo courtesy of BBC

If you are getting used to the idea of Rachel being the main villain then you need to rethink that immediately. There will be some more people coming to the cast who have beef with at least one of the clones. Sarah is planned to definitely have a run in with some old enemies that are sure to throw a wrench into her whole world. Michelle Forbes (True Blood) has also been cast with a guest role on the show as a power player from the Dyad Institute. It seems as though she may be an enemy for all of our clones!

At a recent panel with the cast and crew, Graeme Manson stated that despite Cosima being his favorite clone, she is definitely in big trouble. At the end of last season, we saw that Cosima, with the help of her love interest (who has baggage) Delphine, was working on figuring out the science behind the clones. We also saw that she was getting sick. Judging by the fact that she is continuously coughing up blood, it’s not going to be good. “It’s hard because she’s my favorite clone. We’re putting her in this really heartbreaking position,” says Manson. We have faith in our Cosima though because she is a creative, smart, geek monkey who wants nothing more than to find out about herself! We’ll find her getting closer to the Dyad Institute in the sophomore season. While this should be a bit unsettling given the fact that Leekie is a creep-face, it could pay off because if anyone can help and assist her in figuring this illness out, it’s them.

Photo courtesy of BBC

Also in regards to Cosima, it’s been revealed that she will still have a relationship with Delphine. The relationship won’t be all genetics and rainbows though. Manson told TV Guide that the “Cosima-and-Delphine relationship is complex as ever” and that “it stays romantic and stays scientific, but there’s a lot of gamesmanship going on.”

One of my favorite spoilers, if you will, about the next season is the fact that they plan to show more Felix! One thing I’ve learned from season one is that you cannot have enough Felix. Orphan Black appeared at the Television Critics Association press tour where the amazing Jordan Gavaris discussed that we’d be exploring Felix a bit more as an individual in season two rather than him being there mostly to support Sarah. Gavaris says that Felix’s social circle begins to grow and because of this his relationship with Sarah is tested on a massive level.

Finally, our dear Alison. The last time we saw her she was relieved that she had been lifted from her monitor’s sight (even though she totally wasn’t) and she also murdered who she thought was her monitor in cold-blood. Alison is already the most neurotic clone of them all and having the guilt of murdering someone weighing on you is sure to make her absolutely lose it.

Outside of season two spoilers, Orphan Black is leading in nominations in the TV Category for the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards with 14 nominations. The show as also nominated for Best Drama for the 2014 GLAAD Media Awards.

The 2014 Canadian Screen Awards will be held on March 9th while the GLAAD Media Awards will be held later this year in the spring. Orphan Black returns to our TVs with new episodes on April 19 on BBC America (US) and Space Channel (Canada).

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