Do You Know The Way There? 6 Times Sesame Street Won The Internet

Photo courtesy of Sesame Street
Photo courtesy of Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a cultural institution unto itself.

Where else can children learns their ABCs, sharing, numbers, and the like? It’s wholesome entertainment. Despite the fact none of us has a damn clue where it is or how to get there.

If I could find a way to Sesame Street, then I would live there for several reasons.

One of them is how awesome it can be with celebrity cameos and references to pop culture mixed in with education.

Everyone wins in Sesame Street. The Internet just wins extra hard because nothing is more heartwarming and adorable then seeing your favorite celebrity interacting with the cast.


So let’s count down six of the times, in recent memory, when Sesame Street won the Internet.

6) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and Murray) Get Into A “Reinforce” Comedic Act

Oh Joseph Gordon-Levitt can you be anymore adorable? No. I don’t think so. It’s like you’re genetically engineered that way. Right so JGL and his new friend Murray teach us what “reinforce” means by trying to break JGL’s watch with various things wrapped around it. It’s a comedy routine of JGL freaking out about his watching and Murray wanting to use his hammer.

It’s just so freaking adorable and funny. I dare you not to laugh.

5) Sesame Street Makes A Ton Of Sherlock References (Puns) And Benedict Cumberbatch Is Adorable

Benedict Cumberbatch enlists the help of his friend Count Von Count to unravel a brain twisting mystery from his new arch nemesis “Murray-arty.” The puns, I just can’t. Anyway Benedict Cumberbatch looks like he’s going to start giggling once or twice. But that? That is a human reaction. I would be grinning like a full surrounded by this.

4) Usher Teaches Us An Active “ABC” 

Usher continues to be one of my favorite people ever with an song of “ABC” designed for activity. Not only does his golden pipes sing the whole thing but he gets really into it. It’s the sweetest thing ever. It also definitely shows a bit of the Dad in the singer and Voice coach. Also Elmo attempting to do the “crabby crawl” is just…I can’t handle this.

3) “Les Mousserables” Has Better Singers Than What It’s Parodying

Yes. That was a crack at Russell Crow and Amanda Seyfried. They really shouldn’t have been involved in Les Miserables. I won’t get into it. It’s been done to death. You want to see a review of it? Then check out the Nostalgia Critic.  Anyway this is a fun parody. It writes songs around the most recognizable tunes. Cookie Monster is a delight in the lead role. It’s really lovely and a bit silly. It’s also affectionate toward the source material. Since the rule is to love what you parody.


3) Chris Colfer (and Elmo) Show Us That Bullying Is Wrong

Yep! We have a tie for number three. This more serious moment is about “bullying.” Chris Colfer is just so sweet to Elmo and Chicken. Elmo also demonstrates the right thing to do in that situation: telling an adult. It also is a wonderful nod to Chris’ character of Kurt Hummel and his own admitted past. It shows empathy and gives knowledge to a great cause.

2) Tom Hiddleston Makes Every Adult In America Happy With A Lesson On “Delayed Gratification”

This wasn’t for the little ones. Oh my no. This was for…just the world.

Tom Hiddleston talking about “delayed gratification.” I just I need a moment.

1) Cookie Monster And Grover Invade Entertainment Weekly And Go All Whovian On Us

Well they do more than Doctor Who. They also parody The Hunger Games, The Avengers, and (of all things) The Newsroom. The cheeky fannish humor is on-point and brilliant. It’ll have fans, or any one with a passing familiarity, laughing out loud. Plus there’s an inflatable Dalek.

Which is clearly something all offices should have.

Well that’s the list. Now if you excuse me, I and several others, will resume our quest to find the way to Sesame Street.

Bec Heim