Dealing With Death, Apathy, And Lies In Girls “Dead Inside”

Photo courtesy of HBO
Photo courtesy of HBO

This week the Girls discuss death and Hannah’s self-involvement is thrust down our throats like it’s something new.

While Hannah waits to meet with her editor David the Mill Street office erupts into a frenzied panic. Only after she asks what was going on does the receptionist informs her that David was found dead. Hannah packs up her things and leaves without anyone giving her a second glance.

Back her place she relays the news to Jessa who is not the least bit phased. Death is natural and common, like jury duty, she says. They begin to discuss what they hope happens when they day. It seems that Hannah is actually shaken up by David’s death.

That is until she tells Adam. He is very empathetic and supportive (the antithesis of Jessa), and she relishes in the attention. Hannah feels that it’s safe to reveal that her top concern is the fate of her e-book. Adam is appalled at her reaction, how could she be thinking about that right now? This was a man that she knew, worked with, plus he even came to her birthday! Adam had more emotional pathos than Hannah has in her pinky.

Maybe that’s why they work.

Hannah heads to Gawker to get the deets on how David met his untimely end. He was found in the Hudson, and Adam cannot even believe that she would use Gawker to get news. Hannah sees no fault in her ways, but does anyone who is self-involved notice their faults? Since her book deal is in limbo Hannah picks up an extra shift at Grumpy’s. Better not quit her day job just yet.

We learn Adam’s discontent is rooted in the fact that he is unsure of how she would react if he were to die. Would she be more concerned with making rent, or would she actually mourn his passing? Seeing as Hannah is brutally honest she tells him it to him straight: of course she’d be worried about the rent, but she would be upset that he was gone. That isn’t enough for Adam, because if she died, his world would blur. Nothing would be the same.

Looking to have some sort of feeling-break though she tells Ray about David’s passing. Nope nothing. She admits that she feels nothing and Ray just looks on in disbelief. He points out that it’s pretty ridiculous that he feels more upset about the situation than she does. And the only time he met David he threw a punch at him.

Still attempting to find her feelings she opens up to Laird and he is compassionate and offers his condolences. Still nothing. Laird, much like Jessa, understands that death is natural and happens every day. For example his turtle died, right now he is numb but one day the pain will come.

Caroline enters the picture and invites them both out for her afternoon constitution. There is almost too much awkward for one afternoon. Hannah is obsessing about her lack of mourning and how she is more upset about the state of her e-book. Caroline is just amazed she isn’t asking more about Adam’s past, but why would she? It has nothing to do with her current plight.

Caroline doesn’t see Hannah as self-involved but sees her more as a secure person. With that the trio takes off to frolic through a graveyard. Caroline and Hannah discuss what life is like on meds vs. off meds. Caroline takes this moment to open up about their cousin Margaret who passed away from Muscular Dystrophy and how close she and Adam were. Laird was moved to tears, while all Hannah could focus on was why she was in a tiny dress, was it from the disease or was it tiny like slutty tiny. Caroline calls her out on being fucked up for not even feeling anything and admits the story was fake. But don’t worry she likes Hannah’s callousness.

Inspired from her day with Caroline and Laird, Hannah tells Adam that she was just shocked about the randomness of lie. It takes her longer than some to process her emotions, this is due to her cousin Margaret… For a second it looks like Adam is on to the bullshit cousin Margaret story, but instead he eats it up like emotional candy.

Meanwhile Jessa reflects on the friend’s that she has lost. One in particular has struck a chord with her. While Shoshanna is evaluating her bandana collection (it’s her biggest collection) Jessa recalls her friend Season and how upset she was when she passed. Shosh recalls that she had a friend pass in high school and it was sad, but their group of friends was actually meant to be a five-some so it was for the best. Even though things worked out balance wise, Shosh was still upset and wrote a book of poetry to help herself cope.

Inspired Jessa decides to make a trip to visit Season’s tomb. However, in trying to find where exactly it was she discovers that Season is not actually dead. She lives in the city in a cute brownstone with a baby and hip husband. We learn that Season was also an addict and Jessa was a toxic friend who kept pulling her down. So in order to get ahead she faked her own death, going as far as staging her own funeral. Jessa storms off upset, but on her walk home somehow finds peace (or so it seems).
Far from finding peace is Marnie, who basically is just dead inside. Still mourning her break-up with Charlie she has taken to extreme work-outs to rid herself of any feeling. While working at Grumpy’s she hears her Edie Brickell cover coming from the back room. She goes to investigate and sees Ray and Herm engrossed her youtube humiliation.

Caught red handed they try to talk up the video, yet its so laced with sarcasm that Marnie just loses it. In one minute she manages to insult both Ray and Herm by saying they won’t amount to anything. To top it off she has real skills, unlike them, and she’s going to go out and work with smart qualified people. She storms off and Ray and Herm are left speechless.

Next week we find out the fate of Hannah’s e-book!