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Every television show has its fair share of what in the world just happened moments. If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, or Scandal fan you know exactly what I’m talking about. However, if you are in anyway a fan of Glee, or call yourself a Gleek, you have had this feeling too many times to count.

Numerous times we’ve been left in disbelief, continuously asking did that really happen? I have accepted the challenge of narrowing that unbelievably long list down to 5 of the most OMG moments in Glee history.

Since this is such a harrowing task, I might have cheated and added in a few honorable mentions.

Number 5 OMG moment:

Glee has had 2 pregnancy storylines, each shocking for their respected reasons. In Season 1, Quinn Fabray was head of the Cheerios, queen bee, and president of the celibacy club. This makes the bomb shell of her pregnancy astronomic. Who would have imagined Quinn of all people to be pregnant, especially when her boyfriend Finn Hudson, was still a virgin? Queue baby daddy drama! So who was the dad? Enter resident bad boy, and Finn’s best friend Noah Puckerman (Puck).

After many fights, denials, and great deception, the truth is finally uncovered by none other than Ms. Rachel Berry. Speaking of the one and only Rachel Berry, she shares the number 5 spot with a pregnancy scare of her own, as well as some paternity confusion. In the end Quinn made the decision to give her baby up to Rachel’s biological mother Shelby Corcoran.

Season 4 had its fair share of drama and uncertainty, and nothing was more uncertain than the beloved Finchel relationship. Rachel moved to New York City to attend NYADA and peruse her bright Broadway dreams, leaving Finn behind. After Finn joined the army, got discharged, and went MIA, Rachel met Brody (Yuck) leading to an open relationship. Of course Rachel would not miss the inevitable wedding of Mr. Shue, and Miss Pillsbury (more on that later), so she took the trek all the way back to Lima. Leading to a romantic Finchel duet and a little something extra, if you know what I mean. When returning back to her spacious loft she shares with Kurt, Santana, and Brody, she also had relations with her beau Brody. Fast forward to a very panicked Rachel, and a very comforting Santana, (weird I know). To Rachel’s relief her doctor administered pregnancy test it came back negative, leading all Gleeks to wonder who the father might have been?!

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo courtesy of FOX


Number 4 OMG moment:

Santana and Finn have always had a love/hate relationship. In Season 3 Santana shocked not only the whole viewing audience, but also the entire glee club by slapping Finn right across the face. To fully understand why she administered the slap heard round the auditorium, we have to rewind a few days. Not only had Mercedes, Brittany, and Santana left the New Direction’s right before sectionals, but they left for an all new, all girls show choir group named the Troubletones. To make matters even worse the director of the new all girls group was none other than Ms. Shelby Corcoran.

Throughout the season, Santana struggled with her sexuality, especially her relationship with Brittany. While in a heated mash-off between the New Directions and the Troubletones, Santana and Finn had a very hilarious and insult filled argument where Finn called Santana out on her relationship with Brittany for everyone to hear. Long story short, someone with connections heard the argument, and was going to release a commercial based on Santana being a head cheerleader and lesbian, to destroy Sue’s political campaign for congressional office.

When poor Santana found out about this she was devastated. Not only had she not told her parents yet, but she also was not prepared for people to know. This lead to an emotion filled mash-up of Adele’s “Rumor Has It,” and “Someone Like You”. Immediately after her show stopping performance, she leapt off the stage, only to slap Finn’s face with great enthusiasm. Making everyone gasp, and I mean everyone, and leading to our number 4 OMG moment.

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo courtesy of FOX


Number 3 OMG moment:

With the number 3 OMG moment, I am going with back to back Santana scenes. Let’s be honest we could probable write and entire OMG list based solely on her. This moment is a bit of a heartbreaking OMG moment from season 3.

Santana had a major breakthrough during this season, and it all centered on her coming out. After she was forced to come out at school, this led to some very difficult admissions to not only her parents, but also her grandmother. Throughout the show, Santana has mentioned her grandmother, or Abuela as she calls her, a fair amount. It was made very apparent that her Abuela was a very strong headed woman with sturdy opinions and this lead to a heartbreaking conversation between Santana and her grandmother.

When Santana told her grandmother the truth of who she loved and was attracted to, her grandmother’s reaction was ruthless and devastating. Her Abuela told her she should have kept her feelings to herself, and not told anyone. Painful words to hear from your grandmother after you poured your heart and soul out to her. While she has the utmost support from her parents and friends, someone she respected so much completely shut her out of her life. This undoubtedly led to many teary eyed Gleeks, and painfully earned a spot at our number 3 OMG moment.

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo courtesy of FOX


Number 2 OMG moment:

Dave Karofsky from Season 1 has been a firestorm character. He has been the person everyone absolutely loves to hate. From slushy number one, Karofsky was instantly disliked, and it took great moments to change people’s opinions of him. Dave definitely went through his highs and lows. Unfortunately it is his lows that carry him to number 2 on our list.

Bullying is never acceptable, but when the bullying turns into threats, that is beyond intolerable. In Season 2, Karofsky took bullying to a whole new level when he was very homophobic towards Kurt, to the point that he threatened to kill him. In a fit of confused rage, Dave kissed Kurt, which lead to the extreme threat. In order to avoid further bullying, Kurt transferred to a more tolerant school we know and love as Dalton.

In that time Dave took a journey into accepting who he was. In Season 3 Karofsky is no longer a student at William McKinley leaving us all to wonder where he was? Fast forward to February and Kurt begins to receive anonymous Valentines from an admirer but just assumed they were from his boyfriend, Blaine. Kurt would eventually discover his admirer was none other than Dave Karofsky.

Unfortunately a brutal bully from Dave’s new school saw the two at Breadsticks having dinner and this lead to beyond brutal bullying and a near fatal decision for Dave. Karofsky decided that he could no longer deal with the pain and torture. With Blaine’s rendition of “Cough Syrup” playing in the background, Dave made the extreme decision to take his own life. Thankfully his father came in just in time, and was successful in saving his son. Glee has tackled the hard task of bringing difficult subjects to life and suicide was one of them. With that being said, you are never alone, so please if you need someone to talk to, reach out. Karofsky’s heartbreaking journey leads us to our number 2 OMG moment.

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo courtesy of FOX


Number 1 OMG moment:

Season 3 centered greatly on will Finn and Rachel get married or won’t they? Through the entire season fans were left to wonder is this actually going to happen? Will they go off into the New York sunset as Mr. and Mrs. Hudson-Berry and in the very season 3 finale, fans got their answer. While we all had found out Rachel was going to defer her NYADA admittance for a year while Finn decided what he wanted to do, the two love birds plan their wedding for right after nationals, and both seem to be excited for the upcoming nuptials.

After one ill-fated trip to the court house that ends in a car accident for Quinn, we all thought this current wedding might actually happen, sigh. Mr. Ryan Murphy, you always know how to break our hearts. When Rachel and viewers assumed that she was on her way to her grand day, Finn had ulterior motives. He was letting her go to peruse her giant dreams. Instead of driving to the church he drove her straight to the train station and to a train headed to The Big Apple. In one of the most emotional scenes ever, Finchel said goodbye in the best way Glee knows how, in song.

With their rendition of “Roots Before Branches,” all emotions by the duo and fans were let out. With Finn running alongside the train, and Rachel crying inside we were left to wonder is this the end of Finchel? Since viewers and Rachel assumed we were all going to see the wedding of the year, and ended up seeing the breakup of the year this is my number 1 OMG moment of Glee.

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo courtesy of FOX


Honorable Mentions:

  1. Emma Pillsbury leaving poor Mr. Shue at the altar.
  2. The entire Break-up episode! We knew it would happen but not the way it did (Blaine cheating?!)
  3. Finn and Brody’s hotel room smack down “Stay away from my future wife,” need I say more?

Okay, now breathe; I know that those were some of the most shocking moments, in my opinion. What do you think? Where there moments I left off? Disagree with my order? Let me know! I am curious to see your opinions! Take the challenge if you dare. I’m sure that in the upcoming episodes and seasons, we will have our fair share of ‘did that really happen’ moments.

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